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Expenses policy

Volunteers’ Expenses
Travelling, stationery, telephone and postage costs may be incurred as set out in the Volunteers’ Handbook.
Other expenses, up to a cost of £10, may be incurred without reference to the trustees.
Items over £10 but less than £100 may be approved by one trustee (ideally the treasurer).
Items over £100 must have prior approval by two trustees, neither of whom shall be the claimant.
Payment of Expenses
All expense claims must be approved by two trustees, neither of whom shall be the claimant.
A cheque signatory must not sign a cheque payable to themselves.
Payments to Members for Services Rendered
The society does not pay members or their connected persons for professional or other services as conflicts of interest may arise. This does not apply:
to the reimbursement of expenses properly incurred in accordance with the society’s expenses policy;
where the trustees (excluding a trustee with a personal interest in the decision who may take no part in the deliberations) have met before any commitment to pay has arisen and have decided that there are exceptional circumstances which justify the making of the payment. “Exceptional circumstances” refers to circumstances where the services would not otherwise be available to the society or the society self-evidently secures a distinct, tangible benefit from paying the member (or any connected person) for providing the services.
The constitution and section 185 of the Charities Act 2011 mean that a trustee cannot received any benefit (other than expenses) from providing services to the society unless the Charity Commission approves. S 185 includes an intricate definition of “connected person” which the trustees will follow in applying the above paragraph to a member. In effect, the phrase refers to a close relative or a business or company in which the member (or his or her spouse or civil partner) has a direct or indirect and non-trivial financial interest.

Claiming expenses

Use the official form to claim your expenses. Blank forms are available from Taylor House. Alternatively print your own form using one of the links below. Post your completed form to the address given on the form.

You can download the form as a PDF or a XLS file.

  • The PDF file is simply a blank form which you would complete by hand. Most modern computers can open PDF files. Older computers might need additional software. The most popular software is Adobe Reader, which you can download from Adobe's web site. Download PDF, 0.04 MB
  • The XLS file is a spreadsheet which you can type the claim details into. The spreadsheet remembers your name and address and performs all the necessary calculations. Instructions are included in the spreadsheet. To use the spreadsheet you'll need Microsoft Excel or compatible software installed on your computer. Download XLS, 0.05 MB
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