Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Officers & trustees

The word "Officers" in the title refers to the formal offices of President, Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Quite separately, the society has operational roles which, for historical reasons only, have the word "Officer" in their titles: Faults Officer, Signpost Officer, Area Officers.

About the trustees

The trustees are personally accountable (to the Charity Commission and the courts) for compliance with the rules which apply to the society. They must always act in the best interests of the society and without deriving any personal benefit from what they do. They must do their best to ensure the society can and does continue to pursue only its "objects" (set out in its constitution) indefinitely, impartially and in a proper manner. Theirs is the problem of ensuring that all the society's volunteers act only in ways consistent with that aim and that the society's financial and other resources are managed and applied prudently.

Additionally the trustees take overall responsibility for the day to day running of the society.

Chair and Trustee

Kathy McLean
Chair and Trustee
Kathy McLean, in addition to being a trustee, is the Chair of the society. She undertakes the duties required of the Chair by the constitution, and the many other customary duties of the Chair.

Treasurer and Trustee

Paul Easthope
Treasurer and Trustee
Paul Easthope, in addition to being a trustee, is PNFS Treasurer with responsibility for all financial matters including all payments and expenses. Paul also draws up our monthly management accounts and works closely with our financial examiner to produce our annual statements in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines.

Other Trustees

Jenny Allen
Trustee, Secretary and Courts
and Inquiries Officer
Mel Bale
Membership Secretary
and Webmaster
David Gosling
Trustee and Footpath
Inspection Co-ordinator
David Morton
Trustee and Signpost Officer
Chad Wilkinson

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