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Renewing by direct debit

If you pay by direct debit your membership will be renewed automatically on the same date every year. Thank you.

Otherwise, please consider paying by direct debit in future. See How to pay below.

Membership types and subscriptions

There are four membership types:

Household£25.50- for two or more people living at the same address
Concessionary£7.50- for people under 21 and in full-time education, or on low income and claiming benefit
Affiliate£22.50- for organisations

Subscriptions are for one year from 1st June to 30th May.

The society deliberately keeps subscription rates low to allow all members of the public to subscribe. However we rely heavily on additional donations to meet our annual running costs, and we encourage members who can afford it to make an additional donation.

How to pay

We accept payment by Direct Debit or cheque. Direct Debit is best. It’s a lot less trouble for you and for us. It also reduces our operating costs.

Whether you pay by Direct Debit or cheque, if you pay UK tax you can increase the value of your contribution by 25% at no extra cost to you. Fill in the Gift Aid part of the renewal form.

Renew now!

To renew, please download and print a renewal form, fill it in and sign it, and post it to the society's membership team. Enclose your cheque if you are not paying by Direct Debit.

Renewal form
The downloads on this page are in PDF format. Most modern computers can open PDF files. Older computers might need additional software. The most popular software is Adobe Reader, which you can download from Adobe's web site.
The forms are interactive. That means that you can type your details onto the form before printing it, which makes it easier for us to process it and reduces the chance of errors. Then all you need to do is to sign it. To start, click in the first box on the downloaded form. Then either click in subsequent boxes, or press the Tab key to move from box to box in order.

Post your renewal form to:

Membership Team
Peak & Northern Footpaths Society
Taylor House
23 Turncroft Lane

No printer? Any other questions? Contact us

Thank You. We really appreciate your continued support.

Switch to direct debit only

If it's not renewal time but you would like to switch to payment by direct debit, please download and print a direct debit form, fill it in and sign it, and post it to the society's membership team.

Direct debit form

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