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Ramblers Association Signposts 1 and 2 refurbished

Ramblers Association Signposts 1 and 2 refurbished

News item dated Sunday 21st July 2013

David Morton, PNFS Signposts Officer, reports as follows:

Some weeks ago I came across a copy of an old photo of an unusual signpost with the date 14.7.63 and the name E.E.Stubbs. It showed what looked like a dedication ceremony.

White Coppice ceremony

Using Google Earth and with PNFS Membership Secretary Bill Buckley’s help, I tracked down and refurbished not one but two such signposts on Anglezarke Moor near Chorley. They’d been financed by the Ramblers Association’s (RA’s) now defunct Frank Lockerby Footpath Fund.

RA signpost 1 before RA signpost 2 before

RA signpost 1 needed shotblasting and repainting (6 coats), but signpost 2 had been badly twisted and split by the weather and had to be recast. With support from John Biggins of New Mills RA, the Manchester and High Peak RA covered expenses and the job was completed in good time for the signposts’ 50th anniversary.

RA signpost 1 after RA signpost 2 after

I don’t know if the RA commemorated it. The signposts are located at SD 62125 19127 [map] and SD 63401 19164 [map]. They are easily approached from White Coppice cricket club, which is a lovely bit of old England, and they have distinctive curved tops. Like the Sheffield Co-op Ramblers’ signpost at Mortimer Road, Bradfield (see News 29th May), they are an interesting and useful feature of the landscape and a part of our heritage as ramblers, which needed to be rescued from the ravages of time and weather.

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