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Old sign with a tale to tell!

Old sign with a tale to tell!

News item dated Wednesday 8th March 2017

After powder-coating, highlighting and a hard climb on a fine day up Jacob’s Ladder. David Morton (Signpost Officer) and Dave Brown (Secretary) have restored S085 once more to its rightful place.


According to David’s revered predecessor Harold Wild, who over many years kept meticulous records of our signposts, S085 has had quite a career.

It made its first appearance in 1935, but was modified and recast in 1939 and then erected in a new position on 10th March 1940,

Later that year it was taken down by the County Surveyor and then reinstated facing the wrong way by the County Surveyor’s team.

On May 25th 1952 it was found lying behind a wall and “refixed securely” by Harold and Norman Collier on September 14th of the same year.

It then stayed put for about 50 years but disappeared between 1996-2004.

It was eventually rediscovered languishing in the PDNP Ranger’s office, then repainted and reinstated by PDNP PW Ranger Martyn Sharp in January 2009.

By late 2016 it was time for a new coat of paint before it was reinstated on 7th March 2017. David and Dave will be keeping a close eye on it over the years to come, hoping that it lasts for the duration.

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