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Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Saturday 30th September 2017

The latest Signpost count is 484.

Maintenance and Plans

S204 and S312 repainted by Peter Ash near Mellor Church.

Discussion with Gerry White (Amber Valley RA) re S560 at the Chevin, Belper.

Photo of vandalised S276 at Totley (Blacka Moor, Totley) from Mel; emailed John Harker and Sam Beaton.

Cleaned S394 at Bonsall; met Gerry White (Amber Valley RA) re S560 on the Chevin, Belper, then visited Windleyhill and Hole Farms re signposts on Ecclesbourne Valley trail.

Inspected and wedged posts on S233 and S285; inspected S23,S33; collected plates for S556 and S558 (Ashover).

Discussed toposcopes with Ted McAvoy (Leander).

Contacted DCC, Kedleston Estate and Pete Ash re consent for new signs and removal of graffito on S472, Ormskirk.

Collected plates S208, S554 and S555; met farmer J.Atkins to reccy Win Hill re Toposcope 3.

Inspected S26, S34, S43, S78, S167, S262 and S508.

Fitted new plaques to S211 at Nether Alderley Church on behalf of Altrincham CHA (John Drinkwater)

Contacted Magpie Mine in hope (vain) of consent- it is a scheduled ancient monument!

Inspected S103 at Danebower, A54.

Posted S554 and S555 at Taylor House.

Fitted plate to S208 (Combs) – new MP for Eccles CHA 70th anniv; cleaned S95 and S39; recovered S24 (Eccles Pike Rd) for complete refurb; painted laurels, etc. on S27 (Eccles Rd, Xings Rd)

Inspected/cleaned/wedged S166, S194, S197, S204, S228, S241, S312, S334, S461/4/5/6, S482/3, S494/5/6 around Marple-Mellor-Brookbottom. Pete repainted S34, S43 and S78 at Grindleford.

Sent email to trustees re S276 at Blacka Moor, Totley.

Spoke to John Kerr, Hunshelf PC, re his toposcope. I am now hoping to hear from the Fretwell Bros.(dry-stone wallers) & David Horsfall, Clerk to PC, re practical issues of cost, construction method and drainage. Phoned P.W., PDNP Ranger at Fairholmes, re PDNP consent. Began drawing.

Phoned Jack Burling to discuss S276, Blacka Moor, Totley, the SWT and his involvement with walks for the visually impaired and their dogs.

Inspected/cleaned/wedged/ex-foliaged S145, S173, S270, S314, S383, S395, S417 around Taxal Edge. Peter de-grafittoed S472 and pruned around/cleaned S473 and S474 at Ormskirk.

Collected S24 after being shot blasted and painted.

New Signposts and Plaques

S556 and S558 installed at Ashover by John and Ted, helped by Richard Felton.

S556 is at SK 34288 63192, Butts Quarry, Ashover, on Footpaths 53 and 57
S558 is at SK 35037 63244 at junction of Footpath 42 with Milken Lane

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