Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Monday 1st January 2018

The latest Signpost count is 488.

Maintenance and Plans

S310 reinstated on concrete stump by Ted and John at Bubnell Cliff Farm, Bonsal

Plate S106 shot-blasted, powder coated and collected from SPC Ltd.

S106 fitted to existing post; now awaiting decision from National Trust

Rededication of S208 at Combs with Eccles R & S Group

S118 collected from Taylor House, then delivered to Fairholmes to be re-erected by Rangers

Inspected S276 at Blacka, Memorial Plaque has been reinstated. Ordered new plate for S276.

Received email from North Area Ranger for PDNPA, showing consent for Toposcope 3 is likely.

Collected plate for S561 from Leander.

Inspected, wedged and cleaned plate on S213 at Cowlow Farm, Dove Holes.

Notified via website that S302 near Wicken Walls needs attention, as the plate is very loose.

New Signposts and Plaques

S560 installed at The Chevin, Belper (SK 33663 46867) by John and Ted, donated by Amber Valley Ramblers

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