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News item dated Sunday 4th March 2018

The Peak District National Park is consulting the general public on putting in place a Traffic Regulation Order to stop motor vehicles from using and damaging a vulnerable green lane in the Manifold Valley. The lane is in Staffordshire in a remote part of the National Park near the village of Wetton. It goes through an area of landscape, ecological and geological interest which the Peak Park says is of national and international importance.

The photograph below shows what has started to happen to this lane now that ‘offroaders’ have discovered it.

Damaged Track

Please help the Peak Park protect this lane by taking part in the consultation and supporting the proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

This is a national consultation and anyone can take part. Two to three thousands ‘offroaders’ now take part in Peak Park TRO consultations and oppose any TRO which the Peak Park proposes. We need your help if we are to outnumber them.

Background information and the reasons why the Peak Park wants to do this TRO are at Background

There is an online response form here: Get Involved

The closing date is Thursday 6 April.

Please take part, and thank you for your support

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