Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Tuesday 24th April 2018

The latest Signpost count is 489.

Maintenance and Plans

S1, S29, S78, S103, S104, S132 S156, S189, S436, S457, S530, S531, S532 have all been inspected and fixed as required.

S2 and S19 have been vandalised and the post for S19 uprooted, see photographs below.

The remains of S2 have been collected. S19 was hidden over a nearby wall with post intact and cross plate 19B hammered but intact. S19A stolen and main dog plate in broken in bits. A nearby new National Trust gate and several Bridleway signs were also smashed. Plates 002 and 029 are intact with minor damage. The National Trust Ranger Tom Harman has been contacted and sent photographs of the damage. A normal main plate will be fitted to S019 and a smaller, thicker cross-plate to S002.

Memorial Plaque fitted on S539 for Trafford Walkers.

Memorial Plaque fitted on S550 for Altrincham and District Ramblers Association.

Memorial Plaque for Brain Morrison has been fitted to S436 at Common Barn.

The stolen Memorial Plaque from S456 has been replaced.

The Join Us Plaque has been stolen from S103 and replaced.

S56 has been repainted.

S86 has been replanted using the old post from S276 and a new concrete stump.

S104 is in need of repair, the landowner has been identified and it is to be retrieved and relocated.

S309 has been fitted with a new bolt, SS screws and the white paint has been restored.

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