Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Wednesday 27th June 2018

The latest Signpost count is 487.


Wedged S368 and S361; inspected S266 and S119 all at Lyme Handley.

Inspected S338, S490 and S491 at Under Whitle, Sheen and S544 at Lindow Common

Painted arrow and badge on S089, fitted new JUPs to F008 and S547, MP to S547; inspected S110.

Cleaned/wedged S556 and S332;

Cleaned, wedged, inspected S054, S055, S120, S159, S281, S289, S297, S299, S300, S332, S340, S341, S525, S536 and B009 and S013 around Rowarth and Charlesworth.

Inspected S392 at Goldsytch.

Both plaques had gone missing from S251 at Gradbach Mill.

S068 and S010 repainted.


Consent for four more signposts at Ashover has been received, plus one from Stanedge G. C. at Holymoorside, prospective sites have been investigated.

Agreement for a new signpost (S574) at Gradbach Campsite has been reached. Another (S575) will be located at Goldsytch.

Alternative arrangements for Toposcope 3 have been discussed.

S562 is ready for installation at Far Benfield.

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