Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Wednesday 24th October 2018

The latest Signpost count is 502.

12 new Signposts this month

S563 (SK 02761 96728) at Bottoms Reservoir, Hadfield on Chatsworth 56 & 77
S564 (SK 32583 63849) at Vernon Lane Farm, Ashover on FP120/ BW140
S565 (SK 32296 63994) at Robridding Farm, Ashover on FP120
S566 (SK 31787 66092) at Peasunhurst, Ashover on FPs 100/105/106
S567 (SK 31835 66084) at Peasunhurst, Ashover on FPs 100 and 106
S568 (SK 32681 64889) south of Uppertown, Ashover on FPs 111 and 112
S569 (SK 32719 64354) at Yew Tree Farm, Ashover on FPs 116 and 117
S570 (SK 33160 64277) on Easton Lane, Kelstedge, Ashover, FP121
S571 (SK 34636 62510) near Overton, Ashover FPs 59 & 60 & BW145
S572 (SK 33939 67719) at Stanedge G.C., Holymoorside FPs 16 & 61
S573 (SK 33623 72257) at Linacre Res’r on Brampton FP24 & BW28
S584 (SK 19476 73460) at Longstone Moor, on FPs 21, 30, 32

Inspection and Maintenance

S251 at Gradbach Mill, repainted by Pete Ash

Fixed MPs re Derek Seddon to S105 and S557; inspected S317 (Birch Vale)

Fixed Join us plaques fitted to S576 and S577.

John and Ted re-instated new S019 above Kinder Reservoir.


Toposcope 3 ordered!!!

Consent given for S580 at Knowle Farm, Norden.

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