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New Roundabout on the A6 near Buxton

New Roundabout on the A6 near Buxton

News item dated Monday 19th August 2019

Derbyshire County Council are proposed to create a new roundabout on the A6 near Buxton as part of a new housing development. The PNFS Officer for the area has already submitted his well argued and pertinent views to the council, see below:

“As a walker and motorist, I find that on many occasions changes are made that have a significant impact upon walkers when a different choice would reduce that impact whilst making a marginal difference to the road traffic. I would suggest that by stopping up H14/10 and diverting it away from Buxton to the new proposed puffin crossing the impact upon walkers (in particular) is considerable. I cannot see any reason why the line of that path should not be maintained with an uncontrolled crossing (preferably a second puffin) at the new access road (to Waterswallows road, on plan) and the proposed puffin crossing relocated to where HP4/10 currently meets the A6. HP/77 could then be diverted to meet at this new crossing. This would allow walkers to continue to follow the natural line, with a much shorter (and hence quicker) route to Buxton either by following HP4/77, continuing down Fairfield Road or picking up other existing footpaths by the church.

This small change would significantly reduce the impact on walkers whereas the proposal adds significantly to journey time for them. It does not change the number of crossing points envisaged (controlled or uncontrolled), unless the proposed uncontrolled crossing point on the access road is left at the roundabout. Traffic levels on the access road are already deemed safe for an uncontrolled crossing point, although a second puffin crossing could be provided.”

Basically by positioning the crossing on the Dove Holes side of the roundabout, walkers have to walk away from Buxton to cross the road. Whereas the existing line is both natural and by allowing this with the crossing where it currently meets the A6 walkers are able to avoid a longer path. The development is needed as it provides the first stage of a long promised relief road to the Fairfield industrial estate, which when completed will improve the lives of residents enormously as they have to put up with many large lorries on narrow streets. The intention is that the rest of the road will be paid for by section 106 monies from the housing developments that already have planning permission on the Fairfield side of the road. In principle, it also starts to open up the access to Hogshaw which is also designated for housing but is highly contaminated, riddled with knot weed and partly an unstable rubbish tip, so it is doubtful whether there is sufficient scope in the site for the access road (itself quite major cost because of the steep hillside).

The society would encourage any of our members and indeed the general public who have any concerns about the proposal to contact the council as a matter of urgency via the weblink below.

Derbyshire Council A6 Roundabout Consultation

Please act quickly as the official closing date for comments is 23rd August.

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