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Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Saturday 20th June 2020

No new signs since S605 in February, due to Covid-19, but six signs have recently disappeared. Two are lost. Four rotted, fell over, have been retrieved and are being repaired.

S273 (Prestbury Lane) was probably lost in 2018, but only reported via the website in April 2020. A new Cheshire East fingerpost and steel kissing gate have replaced it and the stile on Prestbury FP 7. Our plaques will be attached to the HA post.

S417 (Taxal Moor Road/HUQ FP 13) is missing. After discussion with the farmer, my suspicions fall on three 4×4 drivers who were told off for driving on FP 13.

S80 (Whaley Lane/WHA FP 17), 330 (Rostherne FP 9), 354 (Weaver Hills/Wootton FP16) and 429 (Cat and Fiddle/Macc Forest FPs 37 and 38) are currently being repaired after their posts rotted. Durable concrete stumps will be used when they are re-erected.

S222 at Peak Forest and 142 at Shutlingsloe were reposted long since, but are now part of the Covid-19 backlog, together with several new signposts.

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