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Signpost Report

Signpost Report

News item dated Wednesday 23rd September 2020

S429 has been replanted on a concrete stump and S614 has been fixed to its tubular post. S142 (Macc Forest) and 222 (Peak Forest) have been reinstated after refurbishment. S319 (Holcombe Moor, Bury) has been retrieved.

Signposts 81,104,141,156,161,176,178,227, 269, 428 and Bridge 14 at Mobberley inspected and cleaned/repainted as necessary as has S320. S201 badge repainted.

S213,185,208,449,220,225,8/28,268 (Cowlow, Combs, Cadster) cleared, inspected, wedged and painted.

S033,F007,S003,085,285,019,002/029/019B,P005,S030,S280 inspected, cleaned and wedged.

S223 and 223 inspected and 345 was repositioned. S224,13/20,519,508,507,506 (Hope Woodlands) inspected.

Plates 607 and 612 (Burley in W.) collected from Leander and then fixed to posts. Join Us Plaques and 2 Memorial Plaques collected from PS Signs. Plate 319 collected from S.P.Coating. Etching primer and thinner collected from Leander.

A Memorial Plaque for Reg Boot is to be fitted to S607, suitable wording has been suggested by the society’s President.

Several suggestions have been received as to where to fix a memorial plaque for our former Chairman, David Hurrell who died recently.

Ted Wolfe has been made an Honorary Member for his many years of service in the signposts team.

Signpost Maintenance Kits have been handed over to four new members of the Signpost Team.

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