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Our Signposts

Our Signposts

News item dated Monday 12th October 2020

As of 11th Oct. 2020, four PNFS signposts have for various reasons disappeared.

The heavy, 1905, cast-iron plates from signposts 1 and 5 have been removed so that they may be shot-blasted and powder-coated. An off-road cyclist was kind enough to help our Signpost Officer with number 1. He also had a struggle with 5, now renumbered 369, since it was stolen, replaced and then reappeared several years later. Number 1′s angle-iron post looks rather bare, but a small plaque has been fitted to it explaining that it has been removed by the society for maintenance.

Signpost 258 at Jumbles Reservoir has been burned on a bonfire by vandals, then its plate was lost by the United Utilities controller, who can’t remember what he did with it. Signpost 316 has been stolen from Chew Reservoir, Greenfield. Replacements for them are on order. Signpost 417 at Taxal Moor Road was stolen in the summer, but a new replacement was erected on 8th October.

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