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2017, Jul 10 DEFRA NATIONAL FORUM VEHICLES GROUP: Notes from Third Meeting Details
2017, Jul 6 SIGNPOST REPORT: June Details
2017, Jul 5 GET INVOLVED: Peak District National Park Management Plan Consultation Details
2017, Jul 5 NEW FOOTPATH IN SHEFFIELD: Above Damflask Reservoir Details
2017, Jun 22 URGENT HELP NEEDED: Derbyshire County Council propose to legally recognise a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) Details
2017, Jun 21 DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL: How to report footpath issues from August 2017. Details
2017, Jun 15 120TH ANNIVERSARY PLAQUE: New plaque erected to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Snake Path. Details
2017, May 31 SIGNPOST REPORT: May Details
2017, May 6 NEW SIGNPOSTS: New Signposts in Stalybridge and New Mills and a couple repainted. Details
2017, Mar 8 OLD SIGN WITH A TALE TO TELL!: S085 has had a long and interesting history. Thanks to the hard work of our Signpost Officer, ably assisted the society's Secretary, it has been restored to its former glory. Details
2017, Feb 17 NEW WEB PAGES: Two new 'tabs' have been added to the website: LOST WAYS and EVENTS, please check them out! Please send any feedback to Details
2017, Jan 2 RECENT APPOINTMENTS: New Footpath Inspectors Details
2017, Jan 2 NOT JUST FOOTPATHS BUT BRIDLEWAYS AS WELL: A welcome discovery! Details
2016, Dec 15 NEW SIGNPOST: Erected at Spring Head Farm, Flash. Details
2016, Dec 4 SPOT THE SIGNPOST: The job of our Signpost Officer is never dull! Details