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2017, Aug 22 DEREK SEDDON: Sad News Details
2017, Aug 8 CRICH FOOTPATH: Repaired at last!!! Details
2017, Aug 8 LAKE DISTRICT: Off Roading Petition Details
2017, Aug 8 SIGNPOST REPORT: July Details
2017, Aug 8 CHARITY COMMISSION: The Society's Report for 2016 Details
2017, Jul 10 DEFRA NATIONAL FORUM VEHICLES GROUP: Notes from Third Meeting Details
2017, Jul 6 SIGNPOST REPORT: June Details
2017, Jul 5 GET INVOLVED: Peak District National Park Management Plan Consultation Details
2017, Jul 5 NEW FOOTPATH IN SHEFFIELD: Above Damflask Reservoir Details
2017, Jun 22 URGENT HELP NEEDED: Derbyshire County Council propose to legally recognise a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) Details
2017, Jun 21 DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL: How to report footpath issues from August 2017. Details
2017, Jun 15 120TH ANNIVERSARY PLAQUE: New plaque erected to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Snake Path. Details
2017, May 31 SIGNPOST REPORT: May Details
2017, May 6 NEW SIGNPOSTS: New Signposts in Stalybridge and New Mills and a couple repainted. Details
2017, Mar 8 OLD SIGN WITH A TALE TO TELL!: S085 has had a long and interesting history. Thanks to the hard work of our Signpost Officer, ably assisted the society's Secretary, it has been restored to its former glory. Details