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2017, Jan 2 RECENT APPOINTMENTS: New Footpath Inspectors Details
2017, Jan 2 NOT JUST FOOTPATHS BUT BRIDLEWAYS AS WELL: A welcome discovery! Details
2016, Dec 15 NEW SIGNPOST: Erected at Spring Head Farm, Flash. Details
2016, Dec 4 SPOT THE SIGNPOST: The job of our Signpost Officer is never dull! Details
2016, Dec 1 NEW FUNDING FOR THE PEAK DISTRICT: The Peak National Park Authority has announced that it has received £2.4m new funding to support a range of projects in the South West of the Peak District. Details
2016, Nov 22 IN MEMORY OF MIKE BARNES: Following discussions between Mike's wife, Rebecca and our Signpost Office, David Morton it was agreed that several 'memorial plaques' should be fitted to PNFS Signposts in some of the parishes that Mike had been a Footpath Inspector for to celebrate his contribution to the society. Details
2016, Nov 12 IMPORTANT – PLEASE GET INVOLVED: The Peak District National Park Authority are carrying out a new public consultation about whether to vary a proposed Traffic Regulation Order on the Washgate Green Lane in Hollinsclough/Hartington about which they had previously consulted. The deadline for submissions is November 25th. Details
2016, Nov 1 “WALKING” AND “HOLIDAY”: Two words that may go together very well for many of you. So when you are next thinking about such a holiday, take a look at what Ramblers Worldwide Holidays has to offer. Details
2016, Sep 25 MIKE BARNES: It is with great sadness that the society has to announce the death of Mike Barnes. Mike was the society's Webmaster as well as an inspector for parishes in Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. He was a great asset to the society and will be very sadly missed. Details
2016, Sep 1 NEW SIGNPOST: Erected at Birchin Hat, Hope Woodlands. Details
2016, Aug 24 NEW BRIDGE 37 HANDOVER EVENT: No. 37 Details
2016, Jul 27 SIX NEW SIGNPOSTS ERECTED: Nos. 25, 519-522, and 527. Details
2016, Jul 26 ISSUE 51 OF SIGNPOST NEWSLETTER AVAILABLE: Non-members can now see the July 2016 issue of Signpost, the society's newsletter. If you're not a member and you would like to see future Signposts as soon as they're published, join us!
2016, Jun 21 NEW SIGNPOST ERECTED AT ROWARTH: No. 525 Details
2016, Jun 13 MANCHESTER HISTORIES FESTIVAL STAND 2016: The PNFS fielded a stand at the Manchester Histories Festival "Celebration Day". Details