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Memorial to Adrian Littleton - an appeal for funds

This article is from Signpost, Summer 2012

In the Annual Report, David Bratt paid tribute to the work of Adrian Littleton. John Harker's article on the Benfield path again makes mention of a tribute to Adrian. It is fitting that the memory of a man who did so much for the Society, and all walkers, is marked by a substantial memorial. It is on that basis I am launching an appeal for donations to our footbridge fund.

I'd like to be specific and say that all donations will be applied to the provision of a bridge on the Benfield path in memory of Adrian, but life is not that simple. The Benfield path poses several problems and it may take some time to either negotiate suitable repairs or as a last resort we may need to apply for legal remedy to ensure the path is brought into good repair.

With uncertainty on how long it may take to secure the erection of the Benfield bridge, I would like to keep our options open with regards to the exact location of a memorial for Adrian. Other options are being considered and I will keep you posted.

Cheques, made payable to 'Peak & Northern Footpaths Society' should be sent to the Treasurer at Taylor House,  and should specify that the donation is for the footbridge fund. Donations will be applied to the provision of a footbridge which will commemorate ‘Adrian’s work for the Society and for walkers’. Any excess monies will be applied to other bridges that the society may fund.

Clarke Rogerson

Page title:Memorial to Adrian Littleton - an appeal for funds
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