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Path Problems Solved, Bredbury 15

This article is from Signpost, Winter 2012

This case goes back over 20 years when a proposed diversion at Lower Watermeetings Farm near the Cherry Tree estate at Romiley was discussed but never proceeded with. The landowner jumped the gun & blocked the path at the junction with FP 16 at Watermeetings Lane (SJ955.905) by padlocking the field gate (there is no stile). There it rested until 18 months ago when I found the obstruction by chance on a walk and checked the file which revealed the history. Realizing this was unfinished business I contacted Ernest Nama (Stockport MBC) who gave the owner a deadline to remove the padlock or apply for a diversion. The padlock has gone and we can all walk the path once more.

Photo: Frank Hollingworth

John Harker

Page title:Path Problems Solved, Bredbury 15
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