Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Helping Us Save Time and Money

This article is from Signpost, Winter 2012

We are trying to put more of our effort into footpath work by:

Please help us if you can by using –

Direct Debit – if you are already using direct debit, a big Thank You. The advantages of this are:

Gift Aid – Already 50% of members are helping us by gift aiding their payments.

E-mail – postal costs eat up a big chunk of your subscription and every letter we can save is a help. Using e-mail for invitations and general communications has advantages in that:

You can download and print a direct debit form and a Gift Aid and e-mail form to allow you to take any or all of these options. Please give serious consideration to filling them in and sending them to us today.

Page title:Helping Us Save Time and Money
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