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Signpost report

This article is from Signpost, Summer 2013

Please note that all of our extant signposts, bridges, etc. can be seen with photos and exact locations in the Signpost Gallery, thanks to the help of Mike Barnes.

When I wrote my contribution to the 2012 Annual Report in December 2012, five more signposts were “nearly ready”. They are now in situ.

January - S435 was erected at Quarters Farm, Bradwell (GR SK172 793); S55 was reposted, then re-erected at Hr. Harthill Farm, Rowarth, following a collision with a tractor. Signposts 257, 159, 368, 249, 266, 301, 119 and 159 were “maintained”, with particular help from Margaret and Bill Buckley on 159 at Rowarth.

February - S438 was erected at Sprotborough, Doncaster (GR SE531 014), becoming our most easterly signpost and our first in Doncaster. S439 was erected south of Bowden Hall and just north of Chapel en le Frith, in memory of John Bailey, founder and President of Chapel Rambling Club. Signposts 440, 441 and 442 were erected just north of Breckhead, Chapel Milton with fine views of South Head en route to the permitted path up the south ridge of South Head, which local farmers call “The Bernie Rothman Memorial Footpath”.

There were no new signposts in March, April and May but S443, 445, 448 and 449 are almost ready to go up and I will report on these in the next Newsletter. We also agreed to assist the RA and Sheffield Co-op Ramblers with the refurbishment of three neglected signposts. S145 near Kettleshulme was also refurbished with help from Dave Brown.

As you know, we rely on donations to cover the cost of erecting new signposts and many members have financed signs together with plaques in remembrance of a relative , friend, or colleague who loved footpaths. The signposts are extremely well made and can be a tasteful, quality memorial which will be maintained by us indefinitely. To ensure that we cover our costs we now ask for a donation of £300. If you would like to make a donation in this way please contact me on 0161 283 7824.

We currently have signposts available at four locations for those of you who would like a memorial, commemorative or celebratory plaque on one of them. They are near to Lower Ballgreave Farm, Lamaload, Rainow; Quarters Farm, Bradwell; Breckhead, Chinley and Hay Lee farm, Combs.

Our aim is to increase the spread of signposts into new and more distant parts of our area as “silent ambassadors for PNFS” and these could increase the choices available for donations. My thanks go to those of you whose generous donations have been vital to this aspect of the society’s work and I also wish to thank John Adler, Tony Brackenbury, Mike Granger and Terry Woodhouse for their continuing help.

Dave Morton

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