Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signpost report

This article is from Signpost 46, Spring 2014

I have some very good news Mike Hoare, a new member, stepped forward just before the AGM and offered, not only his own services with signpost maintenance, but those of his friend Peter Ash. I’ve spoken to both of them and equipped them with paint, wire brush and thinners, together with a list of 55 signposts which need their attention in varying degrees. They should be appearing soon at a signpost near you, so, if you see them, say “Hello” and give them our thanks.

Since December’s “Signpost 45”, we’ve erected the following 5 new signposts :

Plaque for signpost 458

8 more new signposts are in the pipeline.

On the maintenance front :

Contact me directly on 0161 283 7824, if you want a commemorative signpost.

Dave Morton

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