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News from the Wirral

This article is from Signpost 46, Spring 2014

The previous five pages should give you a flavour of the work that the society’s volunteers carry out in helping us to deliver our charitable objectives. As you will have read it is not all plain sailing and it often takes many years of persistence, by our volunteers, before we reach a satisfactory result, but we do get results and we are right to be proud of being part of the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society.

Having just said it often takes a lot of hard work and many years before we see improvements to the Rights of Way network it was heartening to receive an email from Robin Tutchings, Rights Of Way Officer for the Wirral. I should also point out that Robin sends out regular updates on the work they are doing on the Wirral, if only all Highway Authorities did the same.

The gist of Robin’s email is to report that: ‘Of the 74 stiles identified on the Wirral footpath network, 48 have been replaced since November 2013 leaving 26 to be replaced this summer.

Now this is not just a case of replacing old stiles with new stiles, what they have been doing is replacing stiles with ‘concertina gates and kissing gates’ which I am sure will be much appreciated by anyone who has trouble negotiating stiles.

Robin does not say how the work is being funded, but given that the the Wirral Walking festival runs for the whole of May and that Wirral markets itself as a tourist destination, maybe he has been able to access money from the tourism budget. Whatever the answer I hope he shares it with other RoW officers in other authorities.

His email also mentions that ’All locations have been photographed in preparation for the creation of the new rights of way asset register.

This sounds like another idea that other Highway Authorities might want to copy, how much easier life would be if there was hard evidence in the form of photographs when issues arise in the future.

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Page title:News from the Wirral
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