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Signpost Report January 2015

David Morton

This article is from Signpost 48, February 2015

Since my last report in Signpost 46, we’ve been installing new signposts and repainting older ones at an exceptional rate. Thirty-one new signposts and eighteen repainted in the last nine months. The new ones are:

May456 and 457 north of Abney and south of Stoke Ford; 459 at Huncoat.
July462 at Ernocroft Farm, Chisworth; 463 at Holmesfield.
464 at Damstead, Mellor; 460 north of Throwley Hall, Ilam.
August461 at Linnet Clough; 465 Longhurst Lane; 466 at Lr. Birchenough, Mellor.
October471 N of Walkers Clough, Derwent Edge to replace F14.
November     453 at Dunsop Head; 454 Whitendale; 467/8/9 at Hollywood End, Mellor.
December472/3/4 at Ormskirk Station; 482 at Primrose Lane, Mellor Moor.
475/6/7/8/9//80/85 at Limb Valley, Whirlow, which are due to be installed by Sheffield’s Woodlands Officers.
January470 at Thurstaston; 483 at Hr. Birchenough, 481 & 484 at Hr. Crompton.

Between May and December Peter Ash and Mike Hoar repainted eighteen signs in situ. These are 005, 008, 105, 107, 108, 118, 119, 147, 158, 160, 220, 225, 228, 237, 239, 241, 252, 254. They’ve revolutionised the process by using small paint pads rather than brushes.

Finally, we have reposted six signs: F10/12, S019/154/295/343; shot-blasted then repainted F10/12 and S8/28; moved S294 25 yards south; and added memorial plaques to S400 at Rocher Wood and S118 at Westend Clough to honour Bert Ward and Harold Wild respectively in the Society’s 120th year. Their memorial plaques can be seen on the Signpost Gallery page of this site, together with the photos and locations of all the signposts mentioned above.

Thanks for help are due to many members, but in particular to Ted Wolfe; John Hodgson; Paul Wetton of PDNP, Fairholmes; John Gilpin, Woodlands Officer of Sheffield City Council; Leander Architectural for the plates; and Paul Spencer Signs for the plaques.

As always, if you want to finance a commemorative signpost, phone me on 0161 283 7824.

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