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Signposts Report: January-May 2017

David Morton (Signposts Officer)

This article is from Signpost 54, Summer 2017

So far this year we have:


S536SK 01298 89675, 300m N of Rowarth on DE-NEM FPs 9/18/19, replacing an old New Mills Ramblers Associatio fingerpost in memory of Norman Ings.
S537SD 67310 21005 at Stepback Brook, Tockholes BWs 72 and 151
S538SD 66258 19946 at Hollinshead Hall ruin, Tockholes FPs 177/8//9
S540SK 04498 55605 at Onecote Grange Farm, Onecote FPs 22 and 23
S541SK 04549 55471 at Onecote Grange Farm, Onecote, FPs 22 and 2
S542SK 23588 73580, 1km NE of Hassop on DE-HAP FP10 (diverted)
S543SK 23132 73270, 1.5km NE of Hassop on DE-HAP FP10 (diverted)
S544SJ 83287 81352, NW corner of Lindow Common, in memory of Elaine Hall of Altrincham RA
S545SJ 98290 98182 on Stalybridge FPs 74, 95, 106 & BWs 68, 90 in memory of Brian Godwin and Betty Bowden of Ashton-under-Lyne & District Walking Club
S547SK 02377 90800 Knarrs Nook Farm, Chunal, on New Mills FPs 30 and 31
S548SK 02405 90650 Knarrs Nook Farm, Chunal, on New Mills FP 30
S523, 528 and 546At Cuckoo Way, Shireoaks near Worksop – see website for details


I am very sad to report that even as the weather has warmed up, serious illness has forced Mike Hoare to lay down his paintbrush. His pal Peter has repainted S370 and S371 in the Wirral, S229 and S230 at Ollersett, New Mills, and S2 and S29 near the Shooting Cabin on the Snake Path.

Phone me at Phone 0161 283 7824, if you have any questions, or wish to “adopt” any of signs 506, 507, 510, 514, 517, 518, 521/2/5/6/9, 537/8, 540/1/2/3/7/8. Their locations are shown above or, in the case of existing signs, on the Signpost Gallery of our website, together with photos -

Signposts facing north or under trees often need a clean at this time of year, so please assist.

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