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A Word from the Chair

David Hurrell (Chairman)

This article is from Signpost 55, Autumn 2017

Summer has been and gone, and we have been left with confusing memories as to whether it has been hot and dry, or cold and wet. My recollection is that it started well with some hot days and a lengthy dry spell, followed by a much cooler and wetter period.

There was one day in particular that left me feeling it must be late October rather than late August, when it conspired to rain all day and blow a gale on top of the hills.

Photo by D.E. Toft

Earlier in the summer during the hot dry spell, I was out in Staffordshire walking some little used paths and wearing shorts, when I found myself walking along a path overgrown with stinging nettles. I don’t need to say more, other than we never seem to learn.

Your Trustees, along with other members of the Managing Committee, are to hold a ‘Strategy Meeting’ to consider how the Society is currently functioning and to see what things need to be changed to help us achieve objectives. It is a very necessary part of the ongoing functions of the Society to consider how we are doing and how we may wish to proceed in the future.

When considering our ‘Strategy’ it may well be that some good ideas are thrown into the pot that will deserve further thought. The overall view could be wide ranging, and help us develop the most efficient way to do things. For instance there are volunteering opportunities coming along all the time, but sometimes the candidates are not happy filling those vacancies.

As an example, we are currently looking for someone to fill the post of Vice Chairman, not an onerous position, but it is often perceived to be. The work consists mainly of assisting the Chairman in his duties.

If you feel able to fulfil this position or any other function, please get in touch with a Trustee, or e-mail the Society at Taylor House.

Work goes on behind the scenes to determine changes to various clauses and wording to make things more defined and clearer in the Constitution. We need to keep the Society ‘fit for purpose’ to reflect the many changes that are taking place in the way that Public Rights of Way operate with much reduced staffing. The Trustees hope to bring a draft of the proposed changes to the Half Year Meeting to be held on Saturday 18th November 2017.

Of course, any changes to the Constitution will have to be approved by an Annual General Meeting of the Society.

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