Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Peak & Northern During the Great War

David Brown, David Morton and John Harker

This article is from Signpost 58, Autumn 2018

A chance comment circulated by John Harker set David’s Brown and Morton to work. John had accompanied a picture of a well dressing with the comment ‘a few Society members probably died in the Great War’. David Morton (drawing on information provided to him by Eric Kime who served in the BEF in France in 1939-40) thought that the Society suspended activities during the Great War, but that this was later felt to be a mistake, so activities carried on regardless during World War 2. He also contributed that we have a sign near Kettleshulme commemorating a sergeant air-gunner who died on active service in World War 2.

David Brown dug through old annual reports to see what they held. The 1915 report suggested an attempt to keep the Society going but the next, 1920, report stated that there was nothing special to report. The 1939 report says: “On the outbreak of war your council considered as to whether the work of the society should continue. Having in mind that as a result of virtually “closing down” during 1914-1918, the Society seemed in danger of going out of existence, the Council was unanimously of the opinion that if at all possible the work of the Society should be carried out without restriction”. So it looks as though David M’s understanding was correct. Does anyone else have any information that would enhance the picture? If so, please send it to:

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Page title:Peak & Northern During the Great War
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