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A Gap Discovered

Ken Brockway, Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 60, Summer 2019

A gap has been discovered where Derbyshire, Long Eaton footpath 59 meets Cleveland Avenue. The unrecorded path at just 32 metres passes between houses along a tarmac surface, to all the world and his dog this looks like an adopted path. The path is well used, providing easy access to washland of the River Erewash which forms the boundary with Nottinghamshire.

An interesting feature of this gap is the fact that although the streets and houses date back to 1910 this corner of the Long Eaton 'Estate' was until 1992 in Nottinghamshire when the boundary was changed along much of the Erewash valley.

The narrow strip along which the footpath passes remains unregistered while the adjacent houses are registered (Land Registry) and make use of half the route for access to their garages.

The resolution of this gap is being promoted by Derbyshire County Council with a Creation Order under Section 26 of the Highway Act 1980. This is fortunate because historical evidence was proving difficult to find. It also means that DCC will foot any costs, £1,000 estimated for making and advertising the Order and £57 for a finger sign fixed to an existing lamp post.

The Committee report justified the action "To protect the public's right to use the path and ensure that there is provision for proper maintenance should any issues arise, it is proposed that the route is formally recognised as a public footpath." A motto that could well be attributed to PNFS.

Gap between the Houses
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