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Gift Your Gear

Andrew Harter, Footpath Inspector and Taylor House Volunteer

This article is from Signpost 60, Summer 2019

If you have any unwanted - but still serviceable - outdoor clothing or equipment an excellent way to dispose of it is through the Gift Your Gear scheme This passes on donated items to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.

Details of how to donate and what they accept are on the website. I find the most efficient way to donate is to take the items into one of the Rohan chain of outdoor clothing shops. However this particular method is usually only available in March and September when Rohan do a link-up with Gift Your Gear. Click here to check out the Rohan website

In previous years Rohan have given a 15% discount on same-day purchases to anyone making a donation. So Gift Your Gear enables you to declutter, avoid contributing to landfill, helps others, and can save you money.

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