Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Signposts in Ashover

David Morton, Signpost Officer

This article is from Signpost 60, Summer 2019

S556 and 558 are two of twelve signposts which now stand in the parish of Ashover, North East Derbyshire, where previously we had none.

Keith Feltham, our Footpaths Inspector for Ashover and sixteen other parishes and our member Richard Felton of Ashover Parish Council #were very helpful in the process and Richard met with me on 15 February, when I attached commemorative plaques to show our appreciation.

Unfortunately Keith, whose suggestion in the spring of 2017 initiated the whole process, including the repair by Derbyshire County Council of the stepping stones on the River Amber, was unable to attend, due to being away on holiday, but was subsequently pleased to see the plaque.

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Page title:Signposts in Ashover
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