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Signpost Report, Spring 2020

David Morton, Signposts Officer and Trustee

This article is from Signpost 62, Spring 2020

The weather from November to January has been an obstacle

New Signposts

Just 4 have been installed since October, taking the total to 526

S599 at SD 67995 33286, Ashes Farm, Salesbury, FPs 6, 7 and 8

S600 at SJ 50119 53265 on the Sandstone Trail and Bickerton FP9, thanks to the NT

S603 at SD 70443 32934, Little Snodworth, Wilpshire, FPs 12, 13 and 14

S604 at SD 70417 32978, Little Snodworth, Wilpshire, FP 13

Ready and Waiting (for dryer ground)

S594 at Stydd Farm, Ribchester

S598 at Ashes Farm, Copster Green

S601 and S602 at Pain Hill Farm, Slaidburn

Ready for reinstatement

S142 at Shutlingsloe after shot-blasted and powder-coated (SB&PC)

S222 at Dam Side Farm, Peak Forest (SB&PC)

Coming soon

Plates for S605 at Brown’s Houses, Silverdale FP14 and S606 at Butterley on Ashover FPs133/134


Plate for S039 on Eccles Road at Chapel FP13 has been SB and PC and highlighted, post ok

Plate for S334 north of Shaw Farm, New Mills has been SB and PC and highlighted

S161 has been reinstated on a new post at Jenkin Chapel after SB and PC

S170 has been reinstated on a post + concrete stump at Lydgate near Owler Bar after SB and PC

S299’s post had rotted and fallen, so I have recovered it from Tom Wood. I then checked S300 and S297

Before and after photographs of S406 at Mixon, near Onecote, Staffs. It is a memorial to Mike Barnes, our previous webmaster and inspector of numerous parishes in faraway places.  They illustrate what can be done in 5-10 minutes with 500 ml of water and a good scrubbing brush.

As part of my efforts to inspect signposts in faraway places, I took a trip south to Staffordshire and checked and cleaned signs at Mixon (S405/6/7), Onecote (S540/1), Ipstones (S380), Oakamoor (S422) and the Weaver Hills (S352/3/4).

Memorial Plaques have been ordered for S605 at Brown’s Houses, Silverdale and S173 at Taxal. The former recognizes a donation from ex Signpost Officer, Fred Ogden. The latter is a replacement for the original, in memory of David Jonathan Clare, which lasted for twenty years but has now been stolen.

I can be contacted on: 0161 283 7824 or by email at

if you have any questions.

Have a look at the Signpost Gallery on our website to see the location of all our signposts together with photos -

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