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Gap at Wheston

Ken Brockway, Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 64, Summer 2020

Harry Boynton has recently drawn my attention to a gap in Wheston FPs 1 and 2. There most certainly is a gap on the Definitive Map, the DCC Portal and the FID but the Statement is quite clear that the north end of FP1 extends to the road so it looks like we will have to submit a DMMO application for the missing 66 metres.

What I found more interesting during the investigation was the very detailed description of the route in the Definitive Statement. I haven't seen such detail elsewhere in the statement. I haven't seen the parish claim but it looks like a direct copy and I wonder if the surveyor offered this precision to ensure the historic route of the path was abandoned. This extract of the 1922 OS map shows a FP on the south side of the boundary but the path is now to the north as in the statement. The Definitive Map clearly shows this but also shows the move to the south as shown on the modern OS map, while the Mapping Portal shows a different story again. A good example, I would say, that the Mapping Portal is not the Definitive Map.

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