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Tallest Ladder Stile Ever?

Shirley M Addy, Editor and Footpath Inspector

This article is from Signpost 65, Autumn 2020

During a recent inspection of the PROWs in West Bradford, Ribble Valley, I came across what may be the tallest ladder stile ever made. In Drakehouse Wood at SD73956 45379, it is at least 11 feet high and obstructs the path. Evidently it was built over a high wire fence - a ludicrous solution if the fence already existed when the stile was fitted and could have been removed as an obstruction. The path is narrow with a steep slope on one side and a high slope on the other. However, the fence has been snipped at one side of the ladder so walkers can walk through the fence and round the ladder without the unpleasant and dangerous prospect of climbing such a lofty ladder.

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Page title:Tallest Ladder Stile Ever?
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