Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

This article is from Signpost 68, Summer 2021

Make a difference - become a trustee. Trustees help to set the direction for the charity, ensuring that it is meeting its charitable objectives and helping its beneficiaries. They are responsible for overseeing and monitoring the charity's activities.

We are looking for new trustees who can contribute knowledge and experience to the team. Whilst not exclusive we would particularly value someone with the following skills and experience:

The Management meetings take place on the last Friday of each month (no meeting in December), normally at Taylor House, Offerton, Stockport but currently via video conference. Papers for the meeting, including reports from our officers who attend the meetings, are distributed ahead of the meeting.

Trustees are expected to have read the papers and noted questions which they wish to raise at the meeting, to gain a clear picture of issues or problems that may have arisen. Trustees need to have adequate information to make responsible decisions about the future of the organisation and the way it is run. They are required to plan strategically for that future. Trustees are responsible for approving the policies which govern the charity's activities, ensuring that they are reviewed regularly, and monitoring their implementation.

Trustees are expected to take advantage of any online training which is available.

The minimum time commitment for this role is 4-5 hours per month. You may be invited to join a subcommittee. The time commitment for these varies.

This important and rewarding role provides a unique opportunity to be part of the continual evolution and development of the Society, ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of walkers and other users and fulfil its stated aims in a positive and innovative way. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make a real difference.

We particularly welcome applicants with experience of marketing and communications (media and PR), digital and IT. Some experience of a leadership role would be useful, as would legal knowledge.

Interested? Please send a brief outline of your relevant experience with a covering letter to

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