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Kathy McLean, Chair

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of Signpost. As we approach the end of summer I hope you have enjoyed the longer days and taken advantage of more hours of daylight to walk on our extensive network of Public Rights of Way. I certainly have and with some regret note the loss of about three hours of daylight since the end of June. But I am looking forward to the beautiful colours of Autumn and what is often a warm and dry September!

It has been a tough eighteen months for everyone as a result of the pandemic and subsequent and necessary lockdowns. As the rules have eased it has been great to see that footpath inspections have increased again. I am very impressed with the number of inspectors we now have in the Society, as you can see from this Signpost.

Some of the things which had to be suspended have restarted and I am especially pleased that the regular walks have recommenced. Although I was unable to attend, it was lovely to hear that a walk in memory of our former Chair, David Hurrell was a fitting tribute to David. Organised by his son Andrew and PNFS member and footpath inspector, Dianne Fortesque, it followed a route which included some of David’s favourite walks. Thank you to Andrew and Dianne for your organisation. I would encourage everyone to join the walks programme and over the next few months there will also be specific walks focused on the east side of the Pennines, I have already put them in my diary!

This edition of Signpost has many interesting articles and amongst them a trailer for our Half Yearly Meeting. This is a real opportunity for Trustees and the Management Team to meet members and for you to hear about how we are progressing as a Society, to ask questions and share your views. Do join us in November; as the notice says, further details will emerge.

You will know that HQ for the Society is Taylor House. Over the past few months it has been decorated and tidied. Thank you to all the members who have helped but in particular to David Brown and his wife, who do seem to have done a great deal. Thank you also to the members who have been filing and sorting archives for storage.

Every Society or organisation has to determine how it will run and fulfil its aims. Reviewing the approach on a regular basis is good practice. The officers of PNFS and others will be meeting at the end of September to take stock and agree the next steps for our strategy. We will hopefully be able to share our thinking at the next Annual Meeting, but expect to involve you as thinking develops.

Finally, you will see an article about the Path Checker App in the magazine. I used this whilst out inspecting paths recently and was delighted to see how it works, I thoroughly commend it to our Path Checkers.

Enjoy your walks and I look forward to meeting some of you in November if not before.

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