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World record? Number of PNFS signposts in one walk now reaches 25!

Gordon Richards, Nottingham Rock & Heather Club

This article is from Signpost 69, Autumn 2021

I see in Waymark No 2 that David Gosling claims a new record of 20 signposts in a day (it's actually 21, don't rob yourself, David), exceeding my 19 in the Hayfield/Rowarth area (which was published in Signpost 66). Coincidentally his route is similar to one I walked in October 2015 when 25 signposts were visited, some new and some revisits.

There's some overlap with David's of course: mine included 3 on the canal, I didn't go to Marple, but had extras north-east of Mellor and at Whitle in a 9 mile/6 hour day. Starting from New Mills Golf Clubhouse, here's my list. The locations are easily checked on the PNFS website, just click the links below!

166, 495, 494, 496, 242, 501, 199, 461, 197, 464, 465, 204, 194, 312, 502, 503, 467, 468, 469, 256, 336, 466, 483, 482 and 346

A few points of interest from the day's notes are:

At Strines I met another PNFS member who photo'd my marked-up OS map for future reference.

Nice arched stone footbridge over the Goyt giving access to Strawberry Hill.

S501 wrongly aligned at the time;here I met the only other walkers seen all day!

Friendly 3rd generation farmer at Whitle - he pointed out a 16th Century water trough beside a strange block stone stile.

I agree with David Morton's remark in his talk that the signposts, etc do get you to some out of the way places.

Finally, being of a certain age I can't help seeing a tenuous link between my signpost bagging of today and my teenage steam loco spotting in the 1950s. Well, they are both green metal things with numbers and names on them ...

This walk can be viewed HERE

Congratulations go to Gordon for his achievement. If anyone thinks they can beat his record, bear in mind that there is a time limit of 48 hours per walk. To prevent any frivolous claims from landing in my inbox, this limit involves continuous walking and excludes any cafe/pub or overnight breaks - Editor

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Page title:World record? Number of PNFS signposts in one walk now reaches 25!
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