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Signpost Challenge

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Signpost Challenge


Since 1905 the Peak & Northern Footpaths Society has planted in excess of 300 signposts; in addition we have funded the building of a number of bridges and two toposcopes. Many of the signs are on paths where walker’s rights have been disputed and the Society has been instrumental in securing those rights for future generations.

Over recent years our dedicated team of signpost officers have been working to photograph and record the location of all of our signs. As part of this programme signs have been repaired, replaced and repainted as appropriate. To mark the achievements of the team the society is issuing a challenge; open to all, to visit all of our signs, bridges etc.

Our recently updated records show that we currently have 277 locations, which the society continues to maintain. Whilst some of the older signs have fallen prey to the ravages of time many have been replaced by local authority signs or are now marked as part of recognised footpaths such as the Pennine Way.

The challenge is to visit the 277 locations listed on our website; but as work continues to add new signs you may find some along the way that are not listed. Perhaps more importantly you may find a post that needs some repair; please use the online form to report these to the team so action can be taken.



Challenge Rules:

1) The PNFS Signpost Challenge is open to all (members and non members included)

2) The Challenge is to visit all 277 locations listed in the text document available here

3) Proof of visiting each location, during the challenge year, as detailed below should be sent to Taylor House, marked “Signpost Challenge”.

4) The entrant of the first correct submission will receive the choice of a bottle of Champagne or a 5 year Individual Membership of PNFS.

5) All challengers who complete the challenge will receive a certificate of completion.

6) Acceptable forms of submission are: a) Paper photographs with a date stamp, b) Digital Photographs in jpeg format which may be submitted on either CD or DVD. Photographs in digital format must NOT be altered in any photo editing software or c) A paper log detailing dates of each location visited and brief description (in particular where there is a dedication plaque give full details).

7) The decision of the Society’s adjudicators is final.

8) By submitting an entry the entrant confirms the right of the Society to reproduce any of the photographs in any publication without attribution.

9) No entry can be returned unless suitable self-addressed post-paid packaging accompanies the entry.

10) Entrants agree to their name being used in any post challenge publicity.

11) The winner will be announced at the 2009 AGM. The winner will be invited to attend to receive their prize.






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