General enquiries

For general enquiries, please get in touch using one of the methods shown on this page. If you'd like to report a problem you found on a public right of way, please click here.

Because we're run solely by volunteers, please be patient, we'll respond to you as soon as possible.


Peak & Northern Footpaths Society
Taylor House
23 Turncroft Lane

If you intend to call in person, please make an appointment first to be sure someone's here to see you.


0161 480 3565
Calls are usually answered by machine. Please leave a message and we'll reply as soon as we're able. The phone is more likely to be answered personally on Monday mornings (excluding bank holidays).

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General enquiries

To email specific enquiries, departments and team leaders, please see below.

A map with a marker on our HQ, Taylor House in Stockport

Our office, in Stockport, is centrally located in the area we cover.

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