Leave a legacy

At least a dozen volunteers and trustees at a meeting in Taylor House

Help us to keep the places you love safe for the future

We all wish to preserve our public rights of way for our families and descendants to use for evermore.

The Society’s Constitution enables us to fund improvements to public rights of way. For example, over the years we have worked on improving footpath surfaces, replacing stiles with gates and maintaining small sleeper bridges. In addition the Society has contributed a substantial amount of funding towards the installation of signposts and footbridges.

Funding comes from the Society’s reserves which have accumulated from legacies from our deceased members.

Would you like to help with preserving public rights of way? If so, please remember us in your will. A legacy will help fund the future plans of the Society, installing signposts, footbridges and public rights of way improvements.

Including a gift in your will

Whether it's a gift in the form of money, financial assets such as shares, property or valuables, you may be able to add a codicil to your will for the Society. Should you wish to leave a legacy to the Society please find our details below:

Beneficiary's name: Peak & Northern Footpaths Society
Registered charity number: 212219
Email: mail@pnfs.org.uk
Address: Taylor House, 23 Turncroft Lane, Offerton, Stockport SK1 4AB
Telephone: 0161 480 3565.