Mottram Bypass

News item dated Saturday 30th September 2023


The CPRE have a date for our court hearing, starting new week on 3rd/4th October! Thank you, everyone, who has supported us: your generosity and dedication to protecting the Green Belt, climate and the Peak National Park got us this far.
The date is sooner than expected but CPRE’s lawyers are working flat out to ensure we are ready to do everything we can to win our case. Preparing the final arguments for the hearing is incurring considerable costs, so please donate whatever you can today to help us succeed in the High Court.

CPRE’s challenge is most timely. Recently both the UK’s statutory climate change advisors and the House of Commons Transport Committee told the Government to stop building roads that generate yet more traffic and climate emissions – as the Mottram bypass would. Instead it should review its current roads programme (which the Mottram bypass is part of) and improve the existing roads. Our ‘Low Carbon Travel’ plans for Glossopdale and Longdendale would address all these issues by removing through traffic of heavy lorries, improving travel for bus users, walkers, wheelers and cyclists, and reducing air pollution.

But first the CPRE need to win the case. Please donate whatever you can today to help get consent for the bypass overturned in the High Court. And please spread the message far and wide.