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Volunteering for the future

This article is from Signpost 45, Winter 2014

Do YOU know of people with talent and skills, perhaps willing to swell the number of hard-working volunteers in the cause of PNFS? We are looking for enthusiasts, willing to talk to John about possibilities. There are many and varied interesting ways, in which active volunteers might help PNFS achieve its important goals.

The area where YOU or others may live should not present a barrier. New and improved PNFS systems and processes shall mean anyone, anywhere with a broadband connection and access to a PC may potentially contribute.

YOU might help monitor the work of PNFS and its volunteers, by acting as a news-gatherer. This would support the publishing of Signpost magazine, circulation of Newsletters and feed the “News” section of the web site.

Are YOU interested in YOUR own community and organisations? Could YOU become an invaluable PNFS link with YOUR local newspaper? Are YOU aware of local environmental issues and community events? There is the potential to involve PNFS with what goes on everywhere. There are in excess of 90 local titles printing more than 2 million copies each week, across the area we cover.

YOU might help too, to develop active links with university faculties and student groups. Schools and youth groups could also want to explore opportunities for cooperation. Please think about a university or school near YOU.

Do YOU possess effective presentation and perhaps sales skills? The PNFS programme of illustrated lectures and presentations at shows and exhibitions needs to be expanded, to provide greater coverage across the whole area of operations.

Do YOU have a fascination for, and an impressive understanding of modern technology and systems? Volunteers using our office and training equipment require the day-to-day hands-on support and guidance from a capable enthusiast. In terms of modern systems too, could YOU perhaps help PNFS develop and shape an approach to effective use of Facebook and Twitter?

Would YOU be capable of organising PNFS meetings and internal training programmes? We want to improve PNFS live events for members and the important training for active volunteers.

Please do think about all of these things. Possibly too, YOU might have other and better ideas? Remember, … please talk to John. YOUR footpaths society needs YOU!

Peter Nicholson

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