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Bridge Volunteer needed

This article is from Signpost 47, Autumn 2014

Our Footbridge Volunteer for the last seven years, Neil Collie,would welcome some assistance with his task. ‘”Most of the work can be carried out remotely from Taylor House” says Neil “and mainly involves e-mail contact with the local authority’s Public Rights of Way Officers. I get suggestions for bridges from our Inspectors and, in particular, from our Courts & Inquiries Officers. These need to be checked out on the ground to see if they meet the Society’s criteria. Discussions with the Rights of Way staff can be protracted but, generally, the authorities welcome the chance to work co-operatively with the Society.” Each project has to be justified and the funds have to be approved by the Society’s Trustees. The local authority has legal responsibility for each footbridge, so it has to organise the design and construction of the bridge.

Neil says “The Trustees have been very supportive and I find the work very rewarding as there is something tangible to show at the end. Since I took over this role, the Society has been able to fund nearly £25,000 of works from legacies. I have visited some wonderful locations in our region which I had never been to before!’

If you would like to help please contact or give Neil a call on 0161 440 9424 for further information.

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