Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (est.1894)

Thoughts of a Signpost volunteer.

This article is from Signpost 47, Autumn 2014

These words were written by one of our volunteers whilst sitting up near signpost 50

Step-out - feel the joy of walking at your own speed
Relax - let no-one rush you
Greet the dawn of the new day
Let the moorland stream wash your feet
See the wild roses in the hedgerows
Watch the bees in the heather
Miss nothing
Let the steep incline test the strength in you legs
Let your eyes delight in the joy of distant views
Lie in the deep, dry moorland grass
Tune your ear to the wind in the heather
To the ascending lark, and the lonely call of the curlew
See everything in 3D for free
Watch the sun set and the moon rise
And find the Pole Star - the star which has guided
so many to their true destination.

Bill McGuinness

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Page title:Thoughts of a Signpost volunteer.
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