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Movies of PNFS Walks

Ken Smith, Member

This article is from Signpost 61, Autumn 2019

I have been a walker all my life, one of those people that could not wait for a bus and would walk to the next stop, the next and occasionally missing the bus, but hey, it kept me fit and saved me money. In my late teens I started walking the hills once a month on Sundays walking mainly in and around Saddleworth. I was brought up in sunny Ardwick and never saw any hills until then so maybe that is why I love them so much. Two things I love doing are walking and playing badminton: the former allows you to think about anything and the latter allows me to think about nothing but the game. These are two physical activities that I consider keep me fit and healthy.

Two years ago I also started doing walks on my own (the reason why is another story) trying different routes to the same places to find the best routes, but more recently I thought about doing ATCF (as the crow flies) walks because, I thought “I just know that is how they walked in the olden days”. To create a ATCF, plot a straight line from start to destination on OS maps (giving the distance and shows all the footpaths nearby) and then plot another route as near as possible to the ATCF line. I did this on one of my walks from Glossop to Greenfield ATCF it took 17.5 km/10.88 mi in 5.5 hours with breaks. Take a look at the movie Glossop to Greenfield as the crow flies, walked in May 2019: Glossop to Greenfield

I now record all of my walks to remember them and for others to view. I had previously taken photographs on walks but the recordings are more detailed videos than any photographs. I then started to edit them and convert them into movies. I found that when I replayed them they made me smile and I was able to return to them at any time. They are great memories and I store them on my computer and mobile phone. I then thought more younger people should get out there walking and I thought about putting them up on YouTube. I have worked on computers nearly all my life but putting them on the web worried me a bit, mainly because you do not know where they will end up. I discussed this with a friend after a game of badminton and he encouraged me to just put one up there. So the following week I set up a YouTube channel and uploaded my first video. I now have over 170 videos of walks and events. There is no advertising on these videos. They are up there for people to look at, to provide information on these walks/events and to encourage people to get walking.

I retired on my sixty-fifth birthday in September 2017 after working for fifty years and joined PNFS in June 2018 after being invited on a few walks previously by Martin Riley who is a long standing PNFS member, footpath inspector and walk leader. An old friend of mine, Martin is a real walking man whom I have come to admire and with whom I am now serving my second apprenticeship.

I have enjoyed PNFS’s Wednesday walks, both shorter and longer ones. They have given me a new insight to some very interesting in PNFS areas, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. All the PNFS walks I have done have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube and this article is my opportunity to give some details about them. My main goal is to keep on walking, recording and reaching 100 subscribers on my channel. This is when YouTube allows a movie channel to have its own logical name. I currently have 40 subscribers. To view PNFS walking videos, go to then type in 'mywalkingmovies pnfs', which will list all the walks. For a table of the walks please email

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