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Three stone steps have been stolen from the top of this flight of steps on a Colne Valley footpath
Missing stone steps on a footpath in Colne Valley.
To report a fault, or possible lost way, please see below. For any other contact with us, please visit our General enquiries page.

If you've seen a problem:
  • on any public right of way
  • with a Peak & Northern Footpaths Society signpost*
  • with a bridge or boardwalk
  • or you believe you know of a lost way
  • please use the appropriate button below to email the details to us.
Problems include, but are far from limited to:
  • Broken stiles, signs or bridges
  • Misleading or obscurred signs
  • Natural or 'artifical' obstructions
  • Poor surfaces, including deep ruts or excessive mud.
* Includes signs, plaques and toposcopes.

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Report a problem
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