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The 'Hark to Bounty', Slaidburn - - 874652
Dr Neil Clifton / The 'Hark to Bounty', Slaidburn

Signposts 649, 650 and 651 were erected by John Hodgson, his son James and our Signpost Officer, David Morton at Broadhead Farm, Slaidburn, Lancs. We now have seven in that area, thanks to suggestions from Shirley Addy, who inspects all the parishes in the Ribble Valley as well as editing our Signpost Magazine.

The area’s paths are popular with walkers particularly at weekends and Slaidburn is a lovely village. It has a spacious car park by the River Hodder and a nice old pub, selling real ale, called “Hark to Bounty”.

Sadly the village recently lost its bus service, but has so far preserved its medical centre and village shop.

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