PNFS Signpost Locations

PNFS Signpost Locations

PNFS signposts, bridges, etc., at Sunday 25 February, 2024 (626)

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Signposts, etc. erected in the last 12 months (8)

Signpost 645SK 03244 50502PhotoIpstones Edge, 600m NE of Crowgutter FarmS645
Signpost 646SJ 98878 76851PhotoGreen Stack Farm, Jenkin ChapelS646
Signpost 647SD 73439 51103PhotoHarrop Hall, nr SlaidburnS647
Signpost 648SD 73298 51182PhotoHarrop Hall, SlaidburnS648
Signpost 649SD 72045 51188PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS649
Signpost 650SD 72065 51177PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS650
Signpost 651SD 72050 51151PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS651
Signpost 652SJ 98899 81095PhotoBaileys Farm, Cornfield Rd, KettleshulmeS652

All bridges (47)

The photos show each bridge at the time it was built, except some early bridges where we've had to use a more recent photo.

Bridge 1SK 03539 89468PhotoCarr MeadowB001
Bridge 2SK 12512 73057PhotoChee Dale, Monsal Trail, maintained by Derbys CCB002
Bridge 3SK 01585 72938PhotoBerry Clough Bridge, Upper Goyt Valley, maintained by Derbys CCB003
Bridge 4SK 03044 80070PhotoNr A6, Tunstead Milton, maintained by Derbys CCB004
Bridge 5SK 13656 90973PhotoAlport Castles Farm, maintained by Derbys CCB005
Bridge 6SK 16967 95271PhotoCranberry Clough, above Howden, maintained by Derbys CCB006
Bridge 7SJ 98505 71840PhotoClough Brook, Macclesfield Forest, maintained by Ches CC (now CEC)B007
Bridge 8SK 10786 90777PhotoLady Clough, nr Snake Inn, maintained by Derbys CCB008
Bridge 9SK 01168 89023PhotoNE of Little Mill Inn, Rowarth, maintained by Derbys CCB009
Bridge 10SK 07470 94090PhotoShelf Brook, Doctor's GateB010
Bridge 11SJ 94679 66006PhotoWincle FP 8, Shell Brook, built 2005, maintained by Ches CC (now CEC)B011
Bridge 12SJ 94864 66493PhotoWincle FP 4, Shell Brook, built 2005, maintained by Ches CC (now CEC)B012
Bridge 13SJ 99728 93122PhotoCharlesworth FP 62, Tom Wood, built 2005, maintained by Derbys CCB013
Bridge 14SJ 78009 82311PhotoMobberley FP 68, Sugar Brook, built 2005, maintained by Ches CC (now CEC)B014
Bridge 15SK 28314 94352PhotoBradfield FP 18a, Tinker Brook, built 2005, maintained by City of SheffieldB015
Bridge 16SK 08258 55907PhotoHoo Brook, Grindon Parish, built 2006, maintained by Staffords CCB016
Bridge 17SJ 96323 78389PhotoRainow FP23, Black Brook,B017
Bridge 18SJ 93363 65075PhotoBosley FP 5, built 2006 maintained by Ches CC (now CEC)B018
Bridge 19SE 6078 0416PhotoDoncaster FP 15, Sandall Beat Wood, built 2013, maintained by Doncaster MBCB019
Bridge 20SE 15640 06077PhotoHolmfirth FP 168, Morton Wood, built 2007, maintained by Kirklees MBCB020
Bridge 21SE 15656 06164PhotoHolmfirth FP 168, Morton Wood, built 2007, maintained by Kirklees MBCB021
Bridge 22SE 15740 06400PhotoHolmfirth FP 168, Morton Wood, built 2007, maintained by Kirklees MBCB022
Bridge 23SJ 96370 92326PhotoBredbury & Romiley FP 4, Gigg Brook, built 2007, maintained by Stockport MBCB023
Bridge 24SE 07980 12772PhotoColne Valley FP 119, Bradley Brook, Hey Wood, built 2007, maintained by Kirklees MBCB024
Bridge 25SE 12890 27703PhotoShelf FP 172, Coley Beck, Sun Wood, built 2009 maintained by Calderdale MBCB025
Bridge 26SE 10157 43516PhotoKeighley FP 275, East Morton, built 2009, maintained by City of BradfordB026
Bridge 27SE 10133 43653PhotoKeighley FP 275 East Morton, built 2009, maintained by City of BradfordB027
Bridge 28SJ 9622 9176PhotoBredbury & Romiley FP 91, Gigg Brook,maintained by Stockport MBCB028
Bridge 29SK 31804 72716PhotoBrampton FP 15, Birley Brook, built 2010, maintained by Derbys CCB029
Bridge 30SD 94212 08516PhotoShaw & Crompton FP 110, River Beal, built 2010 for Oldham MBCB030
Bridge 31SE 46711 16693PhotoAckworth FP 13, Ackworth Moor Top, built 2009, maintained by Wakefield MBCB031
Bridge 32SE 49573 12535PhotoNorth Elmsall FP 9, built 2009, maintained by Wakefield MBCB032
Bridge 33SD 7365 1372PhotoTurton Bradshaw N FP 009, nr Jumbles Resr, built 2013, maintained by Bolton MBCB033
Bridge 34SD 7365 1374PhotoTurton Bradshaw N FP 009, nr Jumbles Resr, built 2013, maintained by Bolton MBCB034
Bridge 35SJ 99761 78628PhotoHartington Upper Quarter FP 135, Kettleshulme, built 2014, maintained by Derbys CCB035
Bridge 36SE 63032 18154PhotoS bank of R.Went, 500m WNW of Eskholme, DoncasterrB036
Bridge 37SJ 9624 9115PhotoGigg Brook by S205B037
Bridge 38SE 22323 06383PhotoTanyard Brook, N of IngbirchworthB038
Bridge 39SE 08003 06382PhotoWessenden Head MoorB039
Bridge 40SE 225 175PhotoHowroyd Beck, Whitley LowerB040
Bridge 41SK 12703 73468PhotoChee DaleB041
Bridge 42SD 967 282PhotoPennine Way crosses Golden Water, 1km W of HeptonstallB042
Bridge 43SK 1228 7327PhotoChee Dale, White PeakB043
Bridge 44SE 08843 06964PhotoBlackpool Bridge, Goodbent, KirkleesB044
Bridge 45SE 254 145PhotoMill beck, Flockton, KirkleesB045
Bridge 46SE 165 453PhotoIlkley FP104, Burley in WharfedaleB046
Bridge 47SD 67047 15710PhotoGreat Gutter, Wards Res'r, BelmontB047

All fingerposts (8)

Fingerpost 7SK 06663 86087PhotoBetween Coldwell Clough and Stony FordF007
Fingerpost 8SK 02528 88947PhotoSix Lane Ends, Bullshaw Farm, near Lantern PikeF008
Fingerpost 10SK 18996 88514PhotoSE of Grindle Barn, DerwentF010
Fingerpost 12SK 19809 88446PhotoGrainfoot Clough, LadybowerF012
Fingerpost 15SK 16968 95232PhotoNear Cranberry Clough, Howden Res'rF015
Fingerpost 18SK 17149 91604PhotoBetween Abbey Grange and Bamford HouseF018
Fingerpost 28SK 13673 91024PhotoEast of Alport River by fordF028
Fingerpost 30SD 67469 19067PhotoOld Lyons Farm, N of Belmont; adj to S304F030

All plaques (5)

Plaque 1SK 03590 86923PhotoHayfield Bus Station bldg (Centenary)P001
Plaque 2SK 06094 84568PhotoSouth Head 25m W of summit cairn, N of footpath (F.Head)P002
Plaque 3SJ 90265 90231PhotoTaylor House, front wall (Derek Taylor)P003
Plaque 4SK 03539 89464PhotoCarr Meadow by B001 (Thos. Boulger)P004
Plaque 5SK 04203 87186Photo2nd K'g gate at Twenty Trees on Snake pathP005

All signposts (564)

Signpost 1SK 03539 89464PhotoCarr Meadow Farm, Hayfield, maintained by Derbys CCS001
Signpost 2SK 04986 88308PhotoNear Shooting Cabin on Snake PathS002
Signpost 3SK 07219 86233PhotoStoneyford on the Hayfield Edale pathS003
Signpost 5SK 04751 85005PhotoW of Peep o' Day, 100m W of A624S005
Signpost 8SK 03394 80029PhotoTunstead Milton, South side of A6S008
Signpost 10SK 10970 90728Photo300m NW of Snake Inn, off Wside of A57S010
Signpost 13SK 15984 87634PhotoHope Cross, 300 yds east Crookstone BarnS013
Signpost 14SK 14526 86400PhotoEdale Valley Road, 400m NE of Nether BoothS014
Signpost 19SK 05231 88274PhotoW of Kinder Res'r below S002S019
Signpost 20SK 15984 87634PhotoHope Cross, 300m East of Crookstone BarnS020
Signpost 21SK 12908 85259Photo0.6km E of Edale Stn on Edale Valley RdS021
Signpost 22SK 11339 84689Photo50m S of Barber Booth, Mam Nick RdS022
Signpost 23SK 04854 85005PhotoPeep o' Day junction, on A624 S of HayfieldS023
Signpost 24SK 04152 81179PhotoLidgate, Eccles Rd, Chapel -en le-FS024
Signpost 25SK 18459 85057Photo350m W of Win Hill at Highpoint on Hope/Ashopton FPS025
Signpost 26SK 21775 81845PhotoSide of Hathersage-Hope RoadS026
Signpost 27SK 04632 80977PhotoEccles Rd, 0.2km E. of Digleach FarmS027
Signpost 28SK 03394 80029PhotoTunstead Milton, South side of A6S028
Signpost 29SK 04986 88308PhotoNear Shooting Cabin on Snake PathS029
Signpost 30SK 04077 86822PhotoKinder Rd, Hayfield, at start of Snake pathS030
Signpost 31SK 12777 60295PhotoOutside Hartington Public ToiletsS031
Signpost 33SK 05011 85355Photo400m NE of Peep o' Day, on Pennine B'way by Mt FamineS033
Signpost 34SK 24521 77819PhotoNE end of Grindleford BridgeS034
Signpost 35SK 15380 83142PhotoNear Spital Bridge on A6167, E of CastletonS035
Signpost 36SK 17120 83239PhotoPindale Road, 250m S of Hope ChurchS036
Signpost 37SK 17207 83227PhotoHope-Bradwell Road, 250m S of Hope ChurchS037
Signpost 38SK 18204 82552Photo100m S of Navio Fort on B6049, N of BradwellS038
Signpost 39SK 04288 81063PhotoEccles Road, Lidgate/DigleachS039
Signpost 43SK 24865 78303Photo50m S of Maynard Arms, GrindlefordS043
Signpost 50SK 19181 98711PhotoMickleden Edge, 2M S of Flouch InnS050
Signpost 51SE 19770 00603PhotoLittle Brookhouse Bridge, LangsettS051
Signpost 54SK 01602 88981PhotoLong Lee Farm, RowarthS054
Signpost 55SK 01810 89416PhotoHigher Harthill Farm, RowarthS055
Signpost 56SK 10917 91118PhotoE side of A57, 0.6km N of Snake InnS056
Signpost 57SK 17075 88517PhotoTop of Hagg Side, LadybowerS057
Signpost 59SK 06113 94639PhotoNear Mossy Lea Farm, on Doctors Gate pathS059
Signpost 60SK 11612 90535Photo0.5km E of Snake Inn on Roman RoadS060
Signpost 68SK 17169 83562PhotoEntry opp Woodruffe Arms, 50m N of A6187S068
Signpost 71SK 13993 89719Photo200m NE of Snake Rd on track to Alport.S071
Signpost 72SK 17079 91943PhotoBelow Abbey Tip plantation, Derwent Res'rS072
Signpost 74SK 18718 88397PhotoFoot of Grindle Clough near FairholmesS074
Signpost 75SK 22033 87904PhotoSW of Moscar Farm, N of StanageS075
Signpost 78SK 22456 78029PhotoSir William Hill Rd, EyamS078
Signpost 80SJ 99588 82145PhotoLongside Plantation, Whaley Old RdS080
Signpost 83SJ 98262 69066PhotoOn farm Rd to Shutlingsloe FarmS083
Signpost 85SK 08657 86253PhotoAbove Jacob's LadderS085
Signpost 86SK 22540 87835PhotoNear Moscar Cottage, Mortimer RdS086
Signpost 89SK 03022 88398PhotoFirbob Cottage, Little HayfieldS089
Signpost 90SJ 70928 80511PhotoNr Hollowood Farm, by M6 f'bridge,TableyS090
Signpost 92SK 16281 83475PhotoNr Marsh Farm, Castleton Rd, HopeS092
Signpost 93SK 16416 84210PhotoBetween Losehill Farm & SP 68S093
Signpost 95SK 03336 76352PhotoOn Old Road, above White Hall,Long HillS095
Signpost 98SK 09991 83440PhotoChapel Gate N of Rushup Edge, EdaleS098
Signpost 99SK 21125 79477PhotoStoke Ford, near Abney borderS099
Signpost 102SJ 96198 84500PhotoFarm Bridge,Coppice Lane at Bollinhurst Brook, DisleyS102
Signpost 103SK 00278 69254PhotoSparbent, on A54 2.6km S of Cat and FiddleS103
Signpost 104SJ 98809 69762PhotoClough House, Cumberland Brook, WildboarcloughS104
Signpost 105SK 00097 70748Photo1 km S of Cat & Fiddle InnS105
Signpost 106SK 14130 89583PhotoNW corner of Alport Bridge, A57, SnakePassS106
Signpost 107SK 14064 91105Photo100m below Alport Castles on FP4S107
Signpost 108SK 13548 91142PhotoThrough Alport Castles FarmS108
Signpost 110SK 02947 89056PhotoOn steep road, 0.3km E of Blackshaw Farm,S110
Signpost 112SK 12380 85630Photo Moorland Centre, EdaleS112
Signpost 114SK 06445 94423PhotoMossy Lea Farm on Doctors Gate PathS114
Signpost 115SJ 98174 80390PhotoLower Cliff Farm on Hr.Lane, KettleshulmeS115
Signpost 116SJ 97232 80824Photo0.5km S of BowstonesS116
Signpost 118SK 15321 92837PhotoDitch Clough Track, Westend Clough,1.5km W. Of Howden DamS118
Signpost 119SJ 96286 84137PhotoNear Elmerhurst Cottage, Lyme ParkS119
Signpost 120SK 00205 90481PhotoGun Farm, Gun Rd, RowarthS120
Signpost 122SK 17274 84078Photoon road 250m NE of Killhill Bridge, Hope, W. of railwayS122
Signpost 123SK 13661 50938PhotoNear Townend Cottage, 100m E of IlamS123
Signpost 125SK 07898 81077PhotoSE side of T junction in BagshawS125
Signpost 127SD 67992 15296Photo50m S of San Marino Restaurant, Belmont, on A675S127
Signpost 129SD 70250 17931PhotoN. of Green Arms, Darwen RdS129
Signpost 130SD 70276 18047PhotoE. of Turton Moor on A666S130
Signpost 131SK 14634 50967PhotoDove Dale carpark W. of Thorpe CloudS131
Signpost 132SJ 99039 68661PhotoESE of Crag Hall, 1km E. of Wildboar Clough lS132
Signpost 134SJ 98290 80822Photo150m NE of Handley Fold Farm, KettleshulmeS134
Signpost 141SJ 72990 76324PhotoSudlow La, nr Wash Farm, KnutsfordS141
Signpost 142SJ 97542 69885Photo300m NNW of ShutlingsloeS142
Signpost 143SJ 97127 70352PhotoEdge of plantation, 1km NW of ShutlingsloeS143
Signpost 144SJ 97920 69751Photo300m NE of ShutlingsloeS144
Signpost 145SJ 99546 79803PhotoSE of Kettleshulme on,Saltersford Rd, at Taxal pathS145
Signpost 146SD 98562 05530PhotoBurnedge Lane, Lydgate, W of S'worth GCS146
Signpost 147SK 01533 72963PhotoBy Berry Clough Bridge, Upper GoytS147
Signpost 149SJ 88894 69639Photo100m SW of Gawsworth Church on roadS149
Signpost 150SJ 98080 83203PhotoS. end of Green La, off Mudhurst La, Hr.DisleyS150
Signpost 151SJ 97674 83008PhotoNear East Lodge, Lyme ParkS151
Signpost 152SJ 98385 82145PhotoS edge of Highpeak School, Moorside Grange Hotel carparkS152
Signpost 154SJ 95455 80521PhotoS of Keeper's Cottage, Pott ShrigleyS154
Signpost 155SJ 95500 80635PhotoNorth of Keeper's Cottage, Pott ShrigleyS155
Signpost 156SJ 98606 69734PhotoSW of Clough House, Wildboarclough, at roadS156
Signpost 157SJ 98190 79298Photo50m SW of Reeds Br.,Todd Brook,SW of KettleshulmeS157
Signpost 158SJ 97493 79002PhotoJnctn of Maccfld Rd & Bakestndle Rd, Charles HeadS158
Signpost 159SK 01276 89306PhotoN side of Poplar Farm, Rowarth villageS159
Signpost 160SK 16968 95232PhotoSlippery Stones, N.of Howden Res'r.S160
Signpost 161SJ 98355 76592Photo25m W. of Jenkin ChapelS161
Signpost 166SJ 98990 86567PhotoShaws Farm, Cobden EdgeS166
Signpost 167SK 22338 83728PhotoUpper Hurst, East of Bamford below StanageS167
Signpost 169SJ 97174 80701PhotoS. of Bowstonegate FarmS169
Signpost 170SK 30738 77701PhotoLydgate,nr Owler Bar, HolmesfieldS170
Signpost 172SJ 60247 73060PhotoWest Lodge, Elma Grange Haven, WeaverhamS172
Signpost 173SK 00622 79737PhotoOpposite Glebe Farm, TaxalS173
Signpost 174SJ 98384 82276PhotoN. of Highpeak School, Moorside Hotel, by overflow carparkS174
Signpost 176SJ 97993 76809PhotoAbove Todd Brook W of Jenkin ChapelS176
Signpost 177SJ 99193 78617PhotoFive Lane Ends, WindgatherS177
Signpost 178SJ 98367 76636PhotoNW corner of T junction by Jenkin ChapelS178
Signpost 181SJ 97371 81298PhotoBowstonegate FarmS181
Signpost 182SJ 98430 81915Photo300m S of Highpeak School, ex-Moorside Hotel, Hr. DisleyS182
Signpost 183SJ 99109 99187PhotoBrushes Farm, Walkerwood Res'r, StalybridgeS183
Signpost 184SK 00315 81642PhotoThe Posting House, Stoneheads, Whaley LaneS184
Signpost 185SK 04491 78229PhotoE. of Rye Flatt Farm, CombsS185
Signpost 187SK 09769 85474Photo100m E. of Lee House, Upper BoothS187
Signpost 188SK 03460 72318PhotoNr Goslin Bar Farm, Berry Clough, BurbageS188
Signpost 189SJ 97637 75043PhotoHooleyhey Lane, 100m E.of Lamaload Res'rS189
Signpost 191SK 17361 of Derwent Res'r, 1km N.of dam.S191
Signpost 192SK 14327 50904PhotoRear of Izaac Walton Hotel, IlamS192
Signpost 194SJ 98284 89025Photo200m NE of Mellor ChurchS194
Signpost 197SJ 97743 88092PhotoLinnet Clough Scout Camp, MellorS197
Signpost 198SJ 99911 97473PhotoHobson Moor Rd, past Landslow Green FarmS198
Signpost 199SJ 97481 87672PhotoSouth edge of Mellor Golf Course on Cown Edge wayS199
Signpost 200SJ 99516 73877Photo0.2km N of Shining Tor trig pointS200
Signpost 201SD 77193 19247Photo650m NE of Bull Hill, Holcombe MoorS201
Signpost 202SK 00940 98322PhotoDevil's Bridge, TintwistleS202
Signpost 203SE 02770 01532PhotoNear Chew Hurdles, GreenfieldS203
Signpost 204SJ 98210 88878PhotoS wall of Mellor churchyard, by old schoolS204
Signpost 205SJ 96254 91150PhotoS.of Benfield Clough, Gigg Brook, CompstallS205
Signpost 206SJ 93676 85426Photo100m W of Parkgate Farm, Norbury HollowS206
Signpost 207SJ 99910 81887Photo150m S.of Whaley Lane, NW of StoneheadsS207
Signpost 208SK 04348 77611Photo100m West of Allstone Lee Farm, CombsS208
Signpost 211SJ 84094 76212PhotoN. of Nether Alderley ChurchS211
Signpost 212SJ 96542 88418PhotoLakes Road, Marple, W of Bottoms BridgeS212
Signpost 213SK 06731 78602Photo25m W of Cowlow Farm, Dove HolesS213
Signpost 214SJ 98753 80578Photo0.2km N of Lumbshole Mill, KettleshulmeS214
Signpost 215SK 03726 86107Photo150m N of Phoside Farm, Hayfield, Ridge Top Path.S215
Signpost 216SK 03381 86512PhotoRidge Top Lane, Hayfield, SW of Meadows farmS216
Signpost 217SK 13751 75023PhotoLimestone Way, 250m S.of Monks Dale LaneS217
Signpost 218SJ 70622 80573PhotoNear Hollowood Farm, TableyS218
Signpost 219SK 22035 79695PhotoFord on Highlow Brook, AbneyS219
Signpost 220SK 04289 79098PhotoE.side of Combs Rd, 300m N.of R'way, CombsS220
Signpost 221SJ 95169 82384Photo200m NW of Green Farm, Lyme HandleyS221
Signpost 222SK 11660 78818Photo200M E of Damside Farm, Peak ForestS222
Signpost 223SK 11599 78765Photo150m SE of Damside Farm, Peak ForestS223
Signpost 224SK 16346 87849PhotoBy River Ashop, LadybowerS224
Signpost 225SK 04222 79160PhotoW.side of Combs Road, near S220S225
Signpost 226SJ 95193 84417PhotoCanal Bridge 13,1km S of A6 at High LaneS226
Signpost 227SJ 77923 75861Photo0.5kmNE of Ash Farm, Ollerton, KnutsfordS227
Signpost 228SJ 96680 88831PhotoLow Lea Rd, Marple BridgeS228
Signpost 229SK 01376 85755Photo200m NE of Ollersett farm, Low LeightonS229
Signpost 230SK 01256 85542PhotoSE side of Ollersett Hall farm, New MillsS230
Signpost 231SK 05901 82401PhotoBreckHead, Chapel MiltonS231
Signpost 232SJ 98743 79428Photo200m SW of Kettleshulme, W.of Windgather RdS232
Signpost 233SK 06218 84645PhotoDimpus Clough, HayfieldS233
Signpost 234SK 00243 95482PhotoN.of Carr House, Hollingworth, GlossopS234
Signpost 235SD 68709 16721PhotoLongworth Moor, 1km E of BelmontS235
Signpost 236SK 10465 72075PhotoTopley Pike, Deepdale, A6 E of BuxtonS236
Signpost 237SK 01151 78763PhotoBy R.Goyt, below Shady Oak, FernileeS237
Signpost 239SJ 98063 77825PhotoSummer Close farm,S239
Signpost 240SD 69558 18462PhotoTurton Moor, 200m N of Whewells (ruin)S240
Signpost 241SJ 96895 88235PhotoNW side of Bottoms Hall FarmS241
Signpost 242SJ 96759 87464PhotoStrawberry Hill, S of Marple LakeS242
Signpost 243SK 01571 67149PhotoFootbridge 150m NW of Far Brook, FlashS243
Signpost 244SK 19871 88364PhotoDerwent Edge, just S of Grainfoot CloughS244
Signpost 245SJ 95025 82390PhotoSE of Throstlenest Farm, Lyme HandleyS245
Signpost 246SJ 99431 80624Photo25m S of Kishfield Bridge, under trees.S246
Signpost 247SK 06426 90098PhotoJunction of William Clough & Pennine WayS247
Signpost 248SK 20306 88024Photo500m S of Wheelstones, Derwent MoorS248
Signpost 249SJ 95200 83104Photo0.4km WSW of Platt Wood FarmS249
Signpost 250SK 02450 75247Photo1km E.of Errwood,nr Bunsal Incline carparkS250
Signpost 251SJ 99371 66059PhotoGradbach, Newcastle Coll. HostelS251
Signpost 252SK 03244 80769Photo0.1km NW of Woodside Fm, T'stead MiltonS252
Signpost 253SD 68159 17041PhotoLongworth Moor, 600m E.of Belmont Res'rS253
Signpost 254SK 03133 80848Photo100m South.of Eccles Rd, 200m NW of S252.S254
Signpost 255SK 03285 80682PhotoS.barn wall, Woodside Farm, Tunstead MiltonS255
Signpost 256SJ 99292 89196PhotoCentre of Hambleton Fold Farm, MellorS256
Signpost 257SD 74666 22270PhotoW of Calfhey Res'r, Rossendale Way.S257
Signpost 258SD 73584 14879PhotoN end of Jumbles ReservoirS258
Signpost 260SD 63792 16479Photo1km ENE Yarrow Res'r, AnglezarkeS260
Signpost 261SK 10766 90761PhotoLady Clough, Snake Path 0.3km W of Snake InnS261
Signpost 262SK 23177 83475PhotoNorth Lees Farm, HathersageS262
Signpost 263SK 02869 78212PhotoNE of Wythen Lache, Buxton Old RoadS263
Signpost 264SK 16727 74839PhotoS of Weston's The Farm, Litton, TideswellS264
Signpost 265SK 00224 97846PhotoHollingworth Hall Farm, 2km N of HollingworthS265
Signpost 266SJ 95888 83162Photo0.25km E of Platt Wood farm, LymeS266
Signpost 267SD 69566 17678PhotoGrindle End, Turton Moor,500m W of A666S267
Signpost 268SK 02205 79884PhotoJust S. of Cadster House, Chapel Rd, A6S268
Signpost 269SJ 98404 76609PhotoN.side of Jenkin ChapelS269
Signpost 270SJ 99933 78650Photo0.4km W ofTaxal MoorRd,OvertonHallFmS270
Signpost 271SK 17580 83334PhotoNetherhall Bridge, Station Rd, Hope (A6187- R.Noe)S271
Signpost 272SK 03050 92486Photo200m ENE of Herod Farm, above Charlestown, S.GlossopS272
Signpost 274SK 09115 57882PhotoManifold Railway, N of tunnelS274
Signpost 275SK 02129 94823PhotoN.East side of Dinting Junction.S275
Signpost 276SK 28518 79861PhotoBlacka Hill, Totley MoorS276
Signpost 278SK 04750 83093Photo0.1km S of Alders Farm, NE of Chinley.S278
Signpost 279SD 63953 15883Photo1km E of Yarrow Res'r; RivingtonS279
Signpost 280SK 04175 86747PhotoKinder Rd, Hayfield,100m E.of S030S280
Signpost 281SK 02058 88981Photo500m W.of Blackshaw Farm, E.of RowarthS281
Signpost 282SD 71440 15642PhotoTurton Heights, 400m N of New Butterworths Farm, EgertonS282
Signpost 283SD 75491 22177Photo100m S of Calf Hey damS283
Signpost 284SD 75358 22163PhotoRossendale Way, 3km W.of HaslingdenS284
Signpost 285SK 05779 87792PhotoAbove plantation S of Kinder Res'r.S285
Signpost 286SD 70271 17127PhotoTurton Heights, E.of Blackburn RdS286
Signpost 287SD 70628 16273PhotoTurton, E of Moss CottagesS287
Signpost 288SK 02250 78720PhotoBuxton Old Roadside, Fernilee,W.of TV MastS288
Signpost 289SK 01766 89010Photo0.3km E of Long Lee Fm, Rowarth, by stile.S289
Signpost 290SK 01450 99001PhotoOgden Clough, TintwistleS290
Signpost 291SK 28109 99208PhotoGreen Moor CC nr StocksbridgeS291
Signpost 292SK 03977 95031Photo300m NW of Glossop Parish ChurchS292
Signpost 293SK 12618 60460PhotoBy cheese factory, HartingtonS293
Signpost 294SK 12085 61050Photo300m N of Bridge End farm, by S295S294
Signpost 295SK 12077 60955PhotoW.of R.Dove, Sheen, HartingtonS295
Signpost 296SK 10706 59198Photo100m S of Manifold Hotel, Hulme EndS296
Signpost 297SJ 99849 92730PhotoTom Wood, CharlesworthS297
Signpost 298SK 13184 60299PhotoOpposite Hartington YHAS298
Signpost 299SJ 99829 93100PhotoTom Wood, CharlesworthS299
Signpost 300SJ 99827 93192PhotoTom Wood, CharlesworthS300
Signpost 301SJ 95900 83189Photo250m E.of Platt Wood Farm, Lyme Park.S301
Signpost 302SK 00896 67112Photo0.3km SW of Wicken Walls, FlashS302
Signpost 303SD 66722 18983Photo1.5km N of Belmont res'r, E of A675S303
Signpost 304SD 67550 19088PhotoDarwen Moor, adjacent to S305 and F030S304
Signpost 305SD 67635 19117PhotoDarwen Moor, Witton Weavers WayS305
Signpost 306SD 68055 19911PhotoDarwen Moor, 750m W.of Whitehall Farm,S306
Signpost 307SK 10081 53476PhotoManifold Way, 1km S of Weags BridgeS307
Signpost 308SE 02867 12091PhotoW side of Close Gate Bridge, MarsdenS308
Signpost 309SK 01061 66962Photo0.5km W of Wicken Walls; 300m SW of Cocket KnowlS309
Signpost 310SK 24467 71810PhotoSW of Baslow, Chatsworth EstateS310
Signpost 311SK 25813 73818PhotoBelow Baslow Edge, 1km SE of CurbarS311
Signpost 312SJ 98244 89074Photo250m NNE of Mellor Church.S312
Signpost 313SK 10653 56780Photo200m E.of Manor House, WettonS313
Signpost 314SJ 99617 78866Photo, nr Fivelane-ends, 250m N.of WindgatherS314
Signpost 315SJ 97224 74555PhotoLower Ballgreave Farm, LamaloadS315
Signpost 316SE 03412 02031PhotoNorth end of Chew Res'r damS316
Signpost 317SK 03010 86228PhotoAbove Birch Vale near TV mastS317
Signpost 318SK 04587 93320PhotoJumble Farm, Derbys Level, GlossopS318
Signpost 319SD 77420 19024PhotoHolcombe Moor above Holcombe Moor Rd.S319
Signpost 320SD 77785 18829PhotoHolcombe Moor above Holcombe Moor Rd.S320
Signpost 321SJ 92122 79377PhotoLower Doles Farm, Whiteley Green, AdlingtonS321
Signpost 322SJ 52552 73253PhotoBy Crossley ex-Sanatorium, NW.Delamere Forest, ManleyS322
Signpost 323SK 23083 87880PhotoS.side of A57 at Moscar LodgeS323
Signpost 324SK 17702 54629PhotoEntrance to Middlehill Farm, ParwichS324
Signpost 325SK 15902 54506PhotoS of New Inns Farm, E of Tissington TrailS325
Signpost 326SK 16104 54519PhotoNew Inns FarmS326
Signpost 327SK 16272 54566PhotoNew Inns FarmS327
Signpost 328SK 12399 51281PhotoMusden Grange, Rushley,nr IlamS328
Signpost 329SJ 98544 76709PhotoGreen Stack Farm, Jenkin ChapelS329
Signpost 330SJ 74971 85269Photo500m SE. of Lymm Roundabout, by M56S330
Signpost 331SJ 63901 94825Photo200m E of Kenyon Farm, 1km W of CulchethS331
Signpost 332SK 32998 69961Photo300m SSW of Chanderhill, HolymoorsideS332
Signpost 333SJ 97214 59960Photo1M S of Gun, N. of LeekS333
Signpost 334SJ 99104 86932Photo200m NNE of Shaw Farm, New MillsS334
Signpost 335SJ 54168 67640PhotoDelamere Forest (PrimroseHillWood)S335
Signpost 336SJ 99182 88986Photo1km E of Mellor churchS336
Signpost 337SK 11668 62246PhotoHarris Close, 1km NNE of SheenS337
Signpost 338SK 10661 63887Photo2km SE of LongnorS338
Signpost 339SJ 25264 83254Photo1km SSE.of Thurstaston, WirralS339
Signpost 340SK 01558 90868PhotoFar Cown Edge FarmS340
Signpost 341SK 01494 90654Photo200m South of Far Cown Edge FarmS341
Signpost 342SK 28408 86449Photo300m N of Allen Sike Farm, RivelinS342
Signpost 343SK 00144 84412PhotoBankend, A6 between F. Vale & NewtownS343
Signpost 344SK 00977 83993PhotoGowhole, Furness ValeS344
Signpost 345SJ 98460 86767Photo0.5kmWNWof Shaw Farm,New MillsS345
Signpost 347SK 16593 75126Photo50m E of Litton ChurchS347
Signpost 348SK 10187 85201PhotoHighfield Farm near Upper Booth, EdaleS348
Signpost 349SK 10085 84922PhotoTagsnaze at Highfield Farm Upper Booth, EdaleS349
Signpost 350SK 10064 84729PhotoHighfield Farm nr Upper Booth, EdaleS350
Signpost 351SJ 64387 71171Photo250m SW of Hartford Br, NorthwichS351
Signpost 352SK 09861 45842PhotoWeaver Hills, 1km NW of WoottonS352
Signpost 353SK 09554 46626PhotoWalk Farm, 2km NW of Wootton, Weaver HillsS353
Signpost 354SK 10723 46286Photonr Softlow Wood,1km N of Wootton, Weaver HillsS354
Signpost 355SJ 95847 90470PhotoLr Watermeetings Farm, EtherowS355
Signpost 356SJ 63384 69279Photo500m E.of Whitegate, SW of NorthwichS356
Signpost 357SE 02678 09446PhotoWarcock Hill on PW near A62 & Standedge TunnelS357
Signpost 358SE 00253 12281PhotoPennine Way, south side of A640 at Haigh GutterS358
Signpost 359SE 03968 13862PhotoSlaithwaite Moor at Kirklees Way, 1km S of A640S359
Signpost 360SE 37494 15955PhotoAnglers Country Park, Wintersett, WakefieldS360
Signpost 361SE 37950 16552PhotoAnglers Country Park, Wintersett, WakefieldS361
Signpost 362SE 38095 16545PhotoAnglers Country Park, Wintersett, WakefieldS362
Signpost 363SE 38092 15851PhotoAnglers Country Park, Wintersett, WakefieldS363
Signpost 364SE 37631 15531PhotoAnglers Country Park, Wintersett, WakefieldS364
Signpost 365SE 47941 15321Photo500m South of Thorpe Audlin Manor,near A1S365
Signpost 366SJ 96484 78096PhotoHarrop Fold Farm, RainowS366
Signpost 367SJ 94773 83683PhotoBarlow House Farm, Green Lane, Hr. PoyntonS367
Signpost 368SJ 95400 83867Photo400m SE of Middlecale Farm,Lyme HandleyS368
Signpost 369SK 03938 84925PhotoHigh Hills Cottage, W of Peep o'Day,HayfieldS369
Signpost 370SJ 31372 81773Photo100m NNW of New Rocklands, Clatterbridge (M53, J4)S370
Signpost 371SJ 32024 82041PhotoEnt. To Claire Ho. Clatterbridge Hosp.S371
Signpost 372SK 14384 84850Photo100m SW of Back Tor, EdaleS372
Signpost 373SJ 98880 77660PhotoS.side of Dunge Valley Gardens, K'hulmeS373
Signpost 374SK 48150 85205PhotoAston Common Farm, Aston, RotherhamS374
Signpost 376SD 97181 08651PhotoTame Valley Way, 100m W of Denshaw RdS376
Signpost 377SK 14114 67481PhotoKnotlow Farm, FlaggS377
Signpost 378SK 15514 68440Photo2km E of FlaggS378
Signpost 379SJ 96986 68110PhotoLower Nabbs Farm, WildboarcloughS379
Signpost 380SK 01964 50490Photo250m NE of Ipstones church, StaffsS380
Signpost 381SJ 93230 75600PhotoHr Swanscoe, Hurdsfield, NE of Macc.S381
Signpost 382SD 79853 37410PhotoDean Farm, Sabden, LancsS382
Signpost 383SJ 99504 79359PhotoWright's Farm, 1km ESE of KettleshulmeS383
Signpost 384SK 06329 97761PhotoPennine Way, Torside Clough, LongdendaleS384
Signpost 385SD 65458 65249PhotoLowgill Old Church, R.Hindburn, Lune valleyS385
Signpost 386SD 75730 37120PhotoWiswell Moor Houses, SabdenS386
Signpost 387SD 65142 63491Photo0.5KM S of Stairend Bridge, R. HindburnS387
Signpost 388SD 64550 54120PhotoBarn wall at Brennand Farm, Dunsop BridgeS388
Signpost 389SD 64860 54650PhotoBrennand Farm, Dunsop BridgeS389
Signpost 390SD 64480 54310PhotoBrennand Farm, Dunsop BridgeS390
Signpost 391SJ 96914 78409PhotoE of Further Harrop Farm, N of Black Brook, RainowS391
Signpost 392SK 00976 64351PhotoGoldsitch farm, QuarnfordS392
Signpost 393SE 04576 11490PhotoManor House Farm, MarsdenS393
Signpost 394SK 28712 58243PhotoEmber Farm, BonsallS394
Signpost 395SJ 99931 79275PhotoTaxal Moor, RainowS395
Signpost 396SK 03564 96062Photo250m E of Little PadfieldS396
Signpost 397SK 03426 95717PhotoPadfield cemetery driveS397
Signpost 398SK 20968 72642PhotoHardrake Lane end, Great LongstoneS398
Signpost 399SJ 98044 82286PhotoCock Knowle Farm, Hr. DisleyS399
Signpost 400SK 26082 93283Photo400m SE of Rocher Head, BradfieldS400
Signpost 401SK 25921 93367Photo200M SE of Rocher Head, BradfieldS401
Signpost 402SK 28399 90822PhotoLoxley Rd, 50m W of Damflask dam, BradfieldS402
Signpost 403SK 13734 63208PhotoVincent House Farmyard, HartingtonS403
Signpost 404SK 13953 63302Photo250m E of Vincent House,HartingtonS404
Signpost 405SK 04155 57273PhotoWest Side of Mixon GrangeS405
Signpost 406SK 04203 57288PhotoEast side of Mixon GrangeS406
Signpost 407SK 04010 57255Photo150m West of Mixon Grange ,S407
Signpost 408SK 19741 85040PhotoParkin Clough at the RoutS408
Signpost 409SE 13765 40101PhotoDobrudden Farm, BaildonS409
Signpost 410SE 12975 46729PhotoCow and Calf Rocks, Ilkley MoorS410
Signpost 411SE 01914 36367PhotoPenistone Hill Country Park, HaworthS411
Signpost 412SD 94719 38393Photo2km SE of Wycoller on Pendle WayS412
Signpost 413SJ 94143 88129PhotoStockport Golf Club, TorkingtonS413
Signpost 414SJ 93563 85481PhotoBollinhurst Brook, Hazel GroveS414
Signpost 415SK 10182 64943PhotoGosslecroft, Bridge End Farm, CrowdecoteS415
Signpost 416SK 32249 54075Photo600m WSW of Hankin Farm, near WhatstandwellS416
Signpost 417SK 0005 7950PhotoTaxal Moor Road, TaxalS417
Signpost 418SD 61018 50549PhotoLangden Castle, Sykes Fell, Trough of BowlandS418
Signpost 419SD 60456 50287PhotoLangden Castle, Trough of BowlandS419
Signpost 420SK 1336 6857PhotoFlagg, Derbys.S420
Signpost 421SE 05776 08796PhotoWessenden Lodge, MarsdenS421
Signpost 422SK 0522 4315PhotoDimmingsdale, nr Alton, Churnet ValleyS422
Signpost 423SJ 86943 77611PhotoHill Top Farm, Alderley EdgeS423
Signpost 424SK 0242 7975Photo200m E of Cadster House, Chapel en le Frith Road, Whaley Br.S424
Signpost 425SK 2794 9899PhotoIsle of Skye, Hunshelf, BarnsleyS425
Signpost 426SK 2806 9906PhotoIsle of SkyeS426
Signpost 427SK 2680 6651PhotoFallinge, Rowsley nr ChatsworthS427
Signpost 428SJ 96933 66260Photo200m E of Burnt House Farm, AllgreaveS428
Signpost 429SJ 9982 7233PhotoPeak View Tea Room, Cat and FiddleS429
Signpost 430SE 04430 11321PhotoMarsden near S393S430
Signpost 431SJ 97678 87310Photo Mellor Golf Club, 2nd greenS431
Signpost 432SJ 9816 8738Photo10th tee on Black Lane, MellorS432
Signpost 433SJ 9698 7449Photo200m WSW of Lr Ballgreave Farm barn, LamaloadS433
Signpost 434SJ 9711 7468Photo200m NW of Lr Ballgreave FarmS434
Signpost 435SK 17235 79265PhotoBuxoplas, Quarters Farm, BradwellS435
Signpost 436SJ 9686 7604PhotoCommon Barn farm yardS436
Signpost 437SJ 9699 7601PhotoCommon Barn Farm, RainowS437
Signpost 438SE 53089 01399PhotoCaderby Lane nr Nursery Lane Sprotborough, DoncasterS438
Signpost 439SK 06866 81458Photo200m NW of Sheffield Rd, Ch-e-l-FrS439
Signpost 440SK 05937 82580Photo200m N of Breckhead, Chapel MiltonS440
Signpost 441SK 05955 82769Photo250m S of The Over Fold, The Brecks, Chapel MiltonS441
Signpost 442SK 06271 82838PhotoShireoaks path, 0.6km NE of BreckheadS442
Signpost 443SK 29005 42396PhotoInn Farm, Weston Underwood, KedlestonS443
Signpost 444SK 09483 82138PhotoRushup Hall, Rushup Lane, ChapelS444
Signpost 445SK 34177 57085PhotoHolly Grange Farm, Lea Moor Rd, Lea, MatlockS445
Signpost 446SD 77583 30108PhotoSpouthouse Lane, Huncoat, AccringtonS446
Signpost 447SD 58541 31337PhotoBrockholes Nature Reserve, J31 M6S447
Signpost 448SK 03651 77897PhotoHay Lee Farm, CombsS448
Signpost 449SK 03811 77852PhotoHay Lee Farm, CombsS449
Signpost 450SJ 22479 85884PhotoCaldyHill, W.Kirby, Wirral WestS450
Signpost 451SJ 61283 70117PhotoPettypool Trust WoodlandS451
Signpost 452SJ 61308 70069PhotoPettypool Wood, WhitegateS452
Signpost 453SD 67467 54420PhotoDunsop Head, SlaidburnS453
Signpost 454SD 66158 54960PhotoWhitendale, Dunsop BridgeS454
Signpost 455SD 65974 54987PhotoWhitendale, Dunsop BridgeS455
Signpost 456SK 20306 80278Photo700m NE of Abney hostelS456
Signpost 457SK 21296 78866Photo750m SSE of Stoke FordS457
Signpost 458SJ 52564 71947Photo400m E of Manley CommonS458
Signpost 459SD 77339 30294PhotoSpout House Wood, HuncoatS459
Signpost 460SK10700 53320PhotoBeeston Tor Farm, Manifold TrailS460
Signpost 461SJ 97572 88011PhotoLinnet Clough Scout Camp, MellorS461
Signpost 462SJ 98793 91150PhotoErnocroft Farm, Marple/ChisworthS462
Signpost 463SK 32089 77292PhotoHolmesfield, east of Owler BarS463
Signpost 464SJ 97962 88303PhotoDamstead Mills, Tarden, MellorS464
Signpost 465SJ 97909 88419Photo267 Longhurst Lane, MellorS465
Signpost 466SJ 98984 88016PhotoLr Birchenough Farm, Cobden Edge, MellorS466
Signpost 467SJ 98433 89851PhotoHollywood End, Mill BrowS467
Signpost 468SJ 98723 89908PhotoHollywood Cottages, Mill BrowS468
Signpost 469SJ 98758 89906PhotoHollywood Cottages, Mill BrowS469
Signpost 470SJ 24627 84755PhotoW end of School Lane, Thurstaston HillS470
Signpost 471SK 17640 91181Photo100m SE of Bamford House ruin, Abbey Bank,S471
Signpost 472SD 42188 08738PhotoOrmskirk-Skem RR Way ends and Dark Lane bridgeS472
Signpost 473SD 42419 08717PhotoOrmskirk-Skem RR Way ends and Dark Lane bridgeS473
Signpost 474SD 42588 08665PhotoDark Lane, OrmskirkS474
Signpost 475SK 30631 83225PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS475
Signpost 476SK 30618 83244PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS476
Signpost 477SK 30030 83459PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS477
Signpost 478SK 29978 83401PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS478
Signpost 479SK 29785 83389PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS479
Signpost 480SK 30305 83149PhotoLimb Valley, Ringinglow, SheffieldS480
Signpost 481SD92378 10392PhotoGreen Hill, Shaw, OldhamS481
Signpost 482SJ 99329 87362PhotoPrimrose Lane, Mellor MoorS482
Signpost 483SJ 98964 88068PhotoBirchenough Farm, MellorS483
Signpost 484SD 92481 10196PhotoGreen Hill, High CromptonS484
Signpost 485SK 30199 83210PhotoLimb Valley, Whirlow, SheffieldS485
Signpost 486SK 02976 82575PhotoCotebank, ChinleyS486
Signpost 487SK 02934 82651PhotoCotebank, ChinleyS487
Signpost 488SD 97340 17050PhotoRoman Road, Blackstone Edge MoorS488
Signpost 489SK 03746 84250PhotoBig Stone, Chinley ChurnS489
Signpost 490SK 10700 63721Photoabove Under Whitle, SheenS490
Signpost 491SK 10737 63620Photoabove Under Whitle, SheenS491
Signpost 492SK 29780 50792Photo200m S of Lane End Farm, Ashleyhay, WirksworthS492
Signpost 493SK 13083 58417PhotoNorth end of Wolfscote DaleS493
Signpost 494SJ 96827 86604PhotoPeak Forest Canal towpathS494
Signpost 495SJ 96965 86083PhotoTowpath 400m WSW of Strines POS495
Signpost 496SJ 96537 87516PhotoPF canal towpathS496
Signpost 497SK 29161 52807PhotoPratthall Lane, Gorsey Bank, WirksworthS497
Signpost 498SK 29471 52320PhotoPratthall Lane, WirksworthS498
Signpost 499SK 10150 85066PhotoHighfield Farm, Upper BoothS499
Signpost 500SK 10115 85046PhotoHighfield Farm, Upper Booth, EdaleS500
Signpost 501SJ 97245 87597Photo14th Tee Mellor GCS501
Signpost 502SJ 98058 89393PhotoGreenhill, Mill BrowS502
Signpost 503SJ 98243 89582Photo200m S of Hollywood EndS503
Signpost 504SK 19807 87397PhotoS of Whinstone Lee Tor, Derwent EdgeS504
Signpost 505SK 18809 86048PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS505
Signpost 506SK 17211 86856PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS506
Signpost 507SK 17441 86503PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS507
Signpost 508SK 17259 86120PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS508
Signpost 509SK 18791 85499PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS509
Signpost 510SK19045 86001PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS510
Signpost 511SK 19555 85884PhotoWin Hill bank of Ladybower Res'rS511
Signpost 512SK 03897 83045PhotoBelow Cracken Edge, ChinleyS512
Signpost 513SJ 85888 76558PhotoFinlow Hill Farm, Nether AlderleyS513
Signpost 514SE 02785 34711PhotoMill'm Way above W Shaw, OxenhopeS514
Signpost 515SK 32025 88329PhotoS side of footbridge, Rivelin ParkS515
Signpost 516SK 14120 91599PhotoBirchin Hat, Alport CastlesS516
Signpost 517SJ 92623 89819PhotoMidshires Way NE of Jim Fearnley Bridge, WoodbankS517
Signpost 518SJ 92340 90160PhotoGoyt Hall Farm, Dark Lane, BredburyS518
Signpost 519SK 17214 86024PhotoS of Wooler Knoll, Win HillS519
Signpost 520SK 01909 81589Photo200m NNW Mosley Hall Farm, WBS520
Signpost 521SK 02078 81554PhotoMosley Hall farm, Whaley BridgeS521
Signpost 522SK 02046 81360PhotoMosley Hall Farm, WBS522
Signpost 523SK 54949 81263PhotoBridge 37, Cuckoo Way, 600m W of ShireoaksS523
Signpost 524SK 10385 53953PhotoManifold Way at bend by Beeston Tor FarmS524
Signpost 525SK 01536 89509PhotoGrove House, Back RowarthS525
Signpost 526SD 67736 17102PhotoHr Pastures House, BelmontS526
Signpost 527SD 64603 19060PhotoGreat Hill, Withnell, DarwenS527
Signpost 528SK 5337 8161PhotoBridge 35, Cuckoo WayS528
Signpost 530SK 01282 66995Photo200m NE of Springhead Farm,FlashS530
Signpost 531SK 01251 67157PhotoWicken Walls, FlashS531
Signpost 532SK 01440 67190PhotoWicken WallsS532
Signpost 533SD 66777 38616PhotoHr Hud Lee FarmS533
Signpost 534SD 66785 38594PhotoHr Hud Lee FarmS534
Signpost 536SK 01298 89675Photo300m N of S159 at RowarthS536
Signpost 537SD 67310 21005PhotoStepback Brook, Darwen HillS537
Signpost 538SD 66258 19946PhotoHollinshead Ruin, Slipper Lowe, TockholesS538
Signpost 539SK 01183 66773PhotoSpring Head Farm, FlashS539
Signpost 540SK 04498 55605PhotoOnecote GrangeS540
Signpost 541SK 04549 55471PhotoOnecote GrangeS541
Signpost 542SK 23588 73580PhotoBack Dale Quarry, opp Bramley Lane, Hassop Rd, CalverS542
Signpost 543SK 23132 73270PhotoS edge of Back Dale Wood, Hassop-CalverS543
Signpost 544SJ 83287 81352PhotoLindow Common NW cornerS544
Signpost 545SJ 98290 98182Photo300m SE of Flaxfield Farm, Brushes; 300m E of Sidebottom FoldS545
Signpost 546SK 51779 82208Photoby Bridge 35, Cuckoo Way, Chesterfield canalS546
Signpost 547SK 02377 90800PhotoKnarrs Nook Farm, ChunalS547
Signpost 548SK 02405 90650PhotoKnarrs Nook Farm, ChunalS548
Signpost 549SJ 99576 95423PhotoMottram church cemeteryS549
Signpost 550SJ 95217 87808PhotoMarple GC, Goyt Mill, Hawk GreenS550
Signpost 551SE 00272 35969PhotoBronte Way, 400m ENE of Bronte BridgeS551
Signpost 552SK 34759 66442PhotoHazelhurst Farm, Highashes Lane, AshoverS552
Signpost 553SK 34727 66334PhotoHazelhurst Farm, Highashes Lane, AshoverS553
Signpost 554SE 10105 43141PhotoSunnydale/the Glen, E MortonS554
Signpost 555SE 09611 43778Photo400m ENE of Upwood Hall farm, Morton.S555
Signpost 556SK 34288 63192PhotoButts Quarry, AshoverS556
Signpost 557SJ 96365 74156Photo0.5km N of Turnshawflat, Walker BarnS557
Signpost 558SK 35037 63244PhotoCentral Ashover, opposite Medical CentreS558
Signpost 559SJ 91265 78002PhotoWhiteley Hey Farrm, Butley TownS559
Signpost 560SK 33663 46867PhotoNorth Lane,Chevin Mount Ho.,BelperS560
Signpost 561SK 07102 83237PhotoShireoaks farmyard,S561
Signpost 562SJ 96098 91686PhotoFar Benfield, Cowlishaw Brow, RomileyS562
Signpost 563SK 02761 96728PhotoBottoms Res'r, PadfieldS563
Signpost 564SK 32583 63849PhotoVernonlane Farm, AshoverS564
Signpost 565SK 32296 63994PhotoRobridding Farm entrance, AshoverS565
Signpost 566SK 31787 66092PhotoPeasunhurst, AshoverS566
Signpost 567SK 31835 66084PhotoPeasunhurst, AshoverS567
Signpost 568SK 32681 64889Photo500m SE of UppertownS568
Signpost 569SK 32719 64354PhotoYew Tree Farm, Easton Lane, AshoverS569
Signpost 570SK 33160 64277PhotoEaston Lane, WNW of KelstedgeS570
Signpost 571SK 34636 62510PhotoOverton Hall, AshoverS571
Signpost 572SK 33939 67719Photo100m E of Stanedge GC clubhouseS572
Signpost 573SK 33623 72257PhotoLinacre Res'r, Old BramptonS573
Signpost 574SJ 99082 65768PhotoGradbach campsiteS574
Signpost 575SK 01091 64341PhotoGoldsytch Farm, the RoachesS575
Signpost 576SK 33729 68726PhotoWoodside Equestrian, HolymoorsideS576
Signpost 577SK 06827 59019PhotoStoneyfold Lane, S of Eleven Lane EndsS577
Signpost 578SK 08572 55578PhotoHoo Brook WSW of Wetton MillS578
Signpost 579SK 08653 55604PhotoHoo Brook bridge, ButtertonS579
Signpost 580SD 84833 15946PhotoKnowl Farm, Norden, RochdaleS580
Signpost 581SK 06352 66709PhotoE. end of Hollinsclough Rake/ S. of Hopping BridgeS581
Signpost 582SK 00708 62077Photo150m SE of Rockhall, The RoachesS582
Signpost 583SK 04547 68444PhotoBrand Top, Dove Head, FlashS583
Signpost 584SK 19476 73460PhotoLongstone Moor, Gt. LongstoneS584
Signpost 585SD 83314 42489PhotoMountain Farm, BlackoS585
Signpost 586SD 83330 42490PhotoMountain Farm, BlackoS586
Signpost 587SD 83482 42415PhotoMountain Farm, BlackoS587
Signpost 588SD 83389 42325PhotoMountain Farm, BlackoS588
Signpost 589SD 83160 43846PhotoHr. Gills Farm, Rimington, LancsS589
Signpost 590SD 83177 43849PhotoHr. Gills Farm, Rimington, LancsS590
Signpost 591SD 82470 43577PhotoHr. Gills Farm, Rimington, LancsS591
Signpost 592SD 82317 43848PhotoHr. Gills Farm, Rimington, LancsS592
Signpost 593SD 83300 43793PhotoHr. Gills Farm, Rimington, LancsS593
Signpost 594SD 65371 36406Photo350m N of Stydd Manor, RibchesterS594
Signpost 595SD 94768 10325PhotoTop of Jordan Brow, Crompton FoldS595
Signpost 596SJ 51404 76211PhotoAbraham's Leap, Dunsdale Hollow, Sandstone TrailS596
Signpost 597SK 07161 99420PhotoN of A628 at back of Crowden campsiteS597
Signpost 598SD 68448 33648Photo0,5km NE of Ashes Farm, Copster GreenS598
Signpost 599SD 67995 33286Photo100m W of Ashes Farm, Copster GreenS599
Signpost 600SJ 50119 53265Photosouth of Mad Allen's Hole, Bickerton HillS600
Signpost 601SD 69545 51775PhotoBetween Crawshaw and Pain Hill farms, SlaidburnS601
Signpost 602SD 69700 52187PhotoPain Hill farmyard, SlaidburnS602
Signpost 603SD 70443 32934PhotoLittle Snodworth farm, LanghoS603
Signpost 604SD 70417 32978PhotoLittle Snodworth farm, LanghoS604
Signpost 605SD 46479 73476PhotoBrowns Houses, Jenny Brown's Point, SilverdaleS605
Signpost 606SK 34717 60769PhotoRavensnest Tor, Butterley, AshoverS606
Signpost 607SJ 97989 80846PhotoSweet Hill, NW of Handley Fold FarnS607
Signpost 608SJ 97713 85252PhotoHiggins Clough, PF Canal towpath, Bridge 25, DisleyS608
Signpost 609SK 18571 73316PhotoLongstone Moor, S of WardlowS609
Signpost 610SK 21114 67296PhotoShutts Farm, 350m S of Lady Manners School, BakewellS610
Signpost 611SJ 95542 79561PhotoN of Bakestonedale Rd, 1M E of PSS611
Signpost 612SE 16611 45038PhotoBurley in WharfedaleS612
Signpost 613SD 99684 07370PhotoLong Lane, Dobcross, OldhamS613
Signpost 614SJ 98051 80903PhotoJnctn Higher Lane & Cornfield RdS614
Signpost 615SE 05362 09050PhotoPW at Kirklees WayS615
Signpost 616SK 34819 64457Photo500m N of Hilltop Farm, AshoverS616
Signpost 617SD 68824 35318PhotoDinckley Grange Farm. BB6 8AHS617
Signpost 618SD 62721 44629PhotoLaund Farm, ChippingS618
Signpost 619SD 62890 45029PhotoLaund Farm, ChippingS619
Signpost 620SD 62056 44122PhotoLaund Farm, ChippingS620
Signpost 621SD 62718 45101PhotoLaund Farm, ChippingS621
Signpost 622SJ 95333 25592PhotoHopton Pools nr Beacon Hill, StaffordS622
Signpost 623SJ 93333 71975PhotoBirch Knoll, LangleyS623
Signpost 624SK 37546 62782PhotoStretton Hall Farm, Clay CrossS624
Signpost 625SK 37587 62796PhotoStretton Hall Farm, Clay CrossS625
Signpost 626SK 37624 62804PhotoStretton Hall Farm, Clay CrossS626
Signpost 627SK 37657 62736PhotoStretton Hall Farm, Clay CrossS627
Signpost 628SK 03060 56860PhotoHarvey Gate, OnecoteS628
Signpost 629SD 81738 35116PhotoN of FB over R.Calder, PadihamS629
Signpost 630SK 36237 64466Photo200m N of Alton T jctnS630
Signpost 631SD 66230 14669PhotoWinter Hill summitS631
Signpost 632SK 47815 64042Photo1 mile east of Hardwick HallS632
Signpost 633SK 41807 65852PhotoNorth WingfieldS633
Signpost 634SK 41155 66433PhotoSW of Lings FarmS634
Signpost 635SK 00458 86021PhotoSett Valley Trail off Ollersett Ave, St.Georges Rd.S635
Signpost 636 SD 82419 51650PhotoLoftrans FarmS636
Signpost 637SK 14122 49017Photo400m SE of Blore Church on Limestone WayS637
Signpost 638SD71196 45698PhotoBuckstall, NW of WaddingtonS638
Signpost 639SJ 62676 84617PhotoLumb Brook valley, S of Dingle LaneS639
Signpost 640SK 06890 83166Photo300m W of Shireoaks, CS640
Signpost 641SK 02660 77686PhotoWythen Lache, E of Fernilee damS641
Signpost 642SK 05373 84193PhotoAndrews Farm, ChinleyS642
Signpost 643SK 05501 84346PhotoAndrews Farm, Chinley HeadS643
Signpost 644SK 05414 84062PhotoAndrews Farm, Chinley HeadS644
Signpost 645SK 03244 50502PhotoIpstones Edge, 600m NE of Crowgutter FarmS645
Signpost 646SJ 98878 76851PhotoGreen Stack Farm, Jenkin ChapelS646
Signpost 647SD 73439 51103PhotoHarrop Hall, nr SlaidburnS647
Signpost 648SD 73298 51182PhotoHarrop Hall, SlaidburnS648
Signpost 649SD 72045 51188PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS649
Signpost 650SD 72065 51177PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS650
Signpost 651SD 72050 51151PhotoBroadhead Farm, SlaidburnS651
Signpost 652SJ 98899 81095PhotoBaileys Farm, Cornfield Rd, KettleshulmeS652

All toposcopes (2)

Toposcope 1SJ 97651 69586PhotoShutlingsloe Indicator- at summitT001
Toposcope 2SK 02611 88158PhotoSummit of Lantern PikeT002