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Map reading is an essential skill for most of our volunteers

"For a volunteer, maps are one of the most important tools of the job. An ability to read maps and pinpoint a six-figure grid reference is vital. Volunteers who do not already have this skill will receive training."
Volunteers Handbook section 1, part 7.

The handbook is mainly about printed maps. Most of the maps mentioned on this page are online and are available FREE of charge, with registration or payment only required for more sophisticated features or the Premium maps listed.

No single map is likely to be suitable for every purpose, so this page lists numerous options.

General purpose

Following any link on this page will open that mapper's site in a new browser window.

Bing Maps




OS Maps


UK Grid Reference Finder

Another source of online maps is Google. Google Maps themselves don't show footpaths and similar rights of way, but Google Map's choice of 'Map type' called 'Satellite' is detailed enough to pick out footpaths, walls, hedges, etc. Google's aerial imagery can be explored even more effectively using Google Earth.

Google Maps


Google Earth

The link for Google Earth takes you to their website. A Google Earth app is available for mobile devices.

Public rights of way

Councils' maps

Many local government councils act as highway authorities and publish interactive maps for their areas which include public rights of way. Our page 'Highway authorities', found under 'Volunteers' in the main website, has an index of the authorities in our area with links to their online maps.

Some are difficult to use and they're all different. The maps at can be easier to use and offer a good alternative.


Premium maps

The following organisations provide online mapping for mobile devices using Ordnance Survey data. Advanced features vary from product to product and can include: full-screen viewing, adding your own information, printing, downloading, etc. Each product's website shows full details and cost.

Here are just some of them:
OS Maps Subscriptions
OutDoors GPS

Because we don't reimburse the cost of these maps, we hope volunteers who buy them will kindly consider them as a way of donating to us – as well as finding them personally useful.