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OS mapping

Basic features
Go to a grid reference
Customise the map
You can pan and zoom the map using your mouse or keyboard.
When zoomed right in, bear in mind that this page is designed for identifying
the locations of footpath features, with accuracy no greater than about ten metres.
Enter the grid reference to go to:
Description (optional):
Grid reference presentation:
6 digits
8 digits
10 digits
12 digits
No spaces
One space
Two spaces
Marker (optional):
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To go to a location that you have a grid reference for

Use the Go to a grid reference tab. Enter your grid reference. All popular grid reference formats are accepted.

To go to a location that you don't have a grid reference for, and find its grid reference

Because you've selected Advanced features, the marker circle is locked to the centre of the screen. Pan and zoom the map so that the place you want is at the centre. You can then read the grid reference above the map. You can vary the format of the grid reference on the Customise the map tab.

To return to the original location

If you get "lost", click on your browser's Reload button (or equivalent) to return this page to its initial state.

To switch between maps and aerial photographs

Use the Photo/Map tab. Click on Photo to see aerial photography of the location instead of a map. Click on Map to revert to the Ordnance Survey maps. When zooming in and out of the map, the scale (1:25 000 Explorer, 1:50 000 Landranger, etc) is varied automatically.

To customise the map

Customising the map is useful preparation for printing it or creating a link to it. Use the Customise the map tab. You can enter an optional Description, which is displayed above the map together with a grid reference for which various formats are available according to taste. You can also specify the colour of the marker circle, to contrast with the background, or hide it by selecting the first (transparent) option.

Six-digit grid references (e.g. SK123678) define a 100-metre square. Eight-digit grid references (e.g. SK12346789) define a 10-metre square, and are usually best for footpath work. Ten- and twelve-digit grid references (e.g. SK1234567890 or 412345,367890) define a one-metre square, but the maps on this page doesn't work with such great precision.

To create a link to the map

When you've got the map how you want it, you can create a link which will redisplay the same map (or aerial photo) at a later time. Use the Link to this map tab. You can send the link to someone else (for instance, to the highway authority when reporting a fault), or you can create a bookmark to it for your own use.

Click on the link to test it. In most browsers you can right-click on the link and select "Copy Link Location" (or similar) to copy the link to the clipboard. To create a link that opens with "Advanced features" selected, add &adv to the displayed link.

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